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 September 28, 2015 - 8:35 AM EDT
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MTL Cool's Refrigerated Display Product Line Enters New Era with 17% Energy Savings, Smaller Components, using HCR188C/R441A Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

Cost-conscious businesses look for every possible approach to gain even a few percent energy savings. MTL Cool, a Canadian manufacturer of refrigerated point-of-purchase display systems, has introduced a new line of display-cooler units that operate at an amazing 17 percent energy reduction. By running on HCR188C/R441A, an EPA-approved multi-blend hydrocarbon refrigerant, instead of traditional R134 or R290 (propane) coolants, the new systems offer improvements in cool-down time, coolant volume, component size and energy use, bringing significant cost savings to the end-user.

KANEOHE, Hawaii, Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MTL Cool, a Quebec, Canada-based manufacturer of refrigerated point-of-purchase display systems, has introduced a new line of energy-saving commercial units that run on EPA-approved HCR188C/R441A, the increasingly popular multi-blend  hydrocarbon refrigerant that is ASHRAE-classified and ETL safety-listed. The company is so pleased with the improved efficiency (compared to traditional units running on either R134 or R290 (propane)), that it has released data showing the first of this line, the new NRC2 system, runs on a 17% lower charge and requires 17% less energy compared to running on R290. (Test specifications: ambient temperature 75 degrees F, relative humidity 45, interior temperature brought down to 38 degrees F.)

  • Running with R134, the unit required 10.5 ounces and pulled 443 watts at 5.25 amps.
  • Running with R290, the unit required 4.95 ounces and pulled 424 watts at 5.01 amps.
  • Running with HCR188C/R441A, the unit required just 4.1 ounces and pulled just 351 watts at 4.49 amps. 
  • Savings over R290: 17% smaller charge and 17% less energy used.

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Mark Bedard, MTL Cool president, says, "We noticed a quicker pull-down time (to get from 75 to 38 degrees), which means even more cost savings passed on to the customer due to a shorter run-cycle and less power consumed. We are also tweaking the design for full production units, reducing the sizing of the coils compared to what's used for propane. Reducing the surface area of the coils means even less charge is needed, creating another way that use of the multi-blend hydrocarbon saves money."

HCR188C/R441A was developed over a number of years by A.S. Trust and Holdings of Hawaii. Richard Maruya, president of A. S. Trust, confirms, "In many of my own tests I noticed a quicker pull-down time versus other refrigerants such as pure propane. This is why I went to use of a multi-blend hydrocarbon; faster cooling, as well as using a smaller volume of coolant, contributes to using less energy."

MTL Cool will be showing the new NRC2, a 46-inch-wide, two-door commercial unit, at NACS 2015 in Las Vegas, October 11-14 (Booth 7385). Bedard is enthusiastic about sharing his company's commitment to directly helping customers save money: "Operating this refrigerated display system with HCR188C/R441A is definitely the best choice in terms of quantity and performance."

A.S. Trust & Holdings: Richard Maruya, 808-235-1890 (Email).

MTL Cool: Mark Bedard, 888-685-8324 (Email).

About A.S. Trust & Holdings
A.S. Trust & Holdings holds patents and trademarks on the energy-efficient, climate-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants ASHRAE-classified as HCR188C/R441A and HCR188C/R443A. These pure hydrocarbon blends are available through distributors world-wide.

About MTL Cool
MTL Cool, founded in 1997, draws upon fourth-generation refrigeration-industry experience to design and manufacture refrigerated display cases, open-air coolers and freezers. The company has built a wide range of refrigeration equipment, from 300-ton capacity units for Cirque du Soleil to chilling units for medical MRI systems. MTL Cool is now concentrating on the commercial display-case market.

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SOURCE MTL Cool; A.S. Trust

Source: PR Newswire (September 28, 2015 - 8:35 AM EDT)

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