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 September 16, 2015 - 6:46 AM EDT
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The OPEC Archives Opened

MEES has just launched a comprehensive website to mark OPEC’s 55th anniversary. Mining the vaults of the MEES archive, the website provides unprecedented insight into how and why decisions were made over the years, conveying the mind-set of the times.

Understanding the past often provides the key to interpreting the present. The slide in oil prices since mid-2014 presents OPEC with a crisis: looking at how the organization responded to and ultimately overcame such challenges in the past provides valuable insight this time around.

MEES is not only the ultimate source for Middle East energy news, analysis and data. It is also the undisputed authority on OPEC. From OPEC's very first meeting in 1960 – where MEES was the only foreign news agency present – MEES has followed OPEC every step of the way. The archive of more than 650 historically-arranged articles covers all the crises and milestones, with an unparalleled archive of exclusive interviews with all of the key movers and shakers. It highlights the evolution of the organization while shedding light on today’s industry, the current Middle East and the world’s energy challenges.

Renowned for empowering professionals with in-depth analysis and details that fuel decision-making, MEES delivers information and insight that reflect the Middle East's constantly changing energy, economic, political and social landscape. This in turn provides a vital understanding of shifting global energy supplies.

Visit the site:

Periods of Interest:
1973-74 Arab Oil Embargo

1979-80 Oil Shock -

1986 Oil Price Collapse

1998 Oil Crisis

2007-08 Global Financial Crisis

2014 US Shale Revolution

2015 Iran Nuclear Deal

Fadi Aboualfa
Managing Director
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Source: Business Wire (September 16, 2015 - 6:46 AM EDT)

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