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 October 9, 2015 - 6:30 AM EDT
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World Oil Group, Inc., has signed its 1st Joint Venture Agreement by and through its subsidiary WOGI South America, S.A.A. with IAGESA Ingenieneria, Asesoria Y Gestion S.A.C. an EPC company

WOGI- South America, S.A.A. is honored to announce that World Class Engineer Mr. Saul Yabar Pacheco will assume the position of Vice President of Business Development

DEBARY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2015 / World Oil Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WOGI) is pleased to announce WOGI- South America, S.A.A. is launching its construction division with a very established world class EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction Company IAGESA. This Joint Venture agreement is mutually beneficial to both companies and WOGI-SA's new acquisition MDN Peru. This allows all of the WOGI companies to generate cash flow by its new relationship.

MDN Peru is a heavy equipment Rental Company that WOGI just acquired 49% of and MDN.COM which is a light equipment Rental Company that WOGI also purchase 49% of and added over $150,000 dollars to the books. WOGI will show profits from the MDN acquisitions on 3rdQuarter report. The acquisition of MDN Peru has added revenue and assets to WOGI's portfolio. Financials are on for disclose purposes under Global Operations Tab- MDN.

WOGI-South America, S.A.A.

WOGI- South America, S.A.A is a diversified company that has multiple divisions in the following areas 1) Petroleum, 2) Construction, 3) Agricultural, 4) Commodities, 5) Mining, 6) Business Services and 7) Real Estate.

Adding Mr. Yabar to WOGI- South America, S.A.A.'s team as Vice President of Business Development allows for endless opportunities. The Joint Venture allows for the two great companies to become one phenomenal powerhouse with the ability to take on some of Peru largest projects in the Petroleum, Power Generation Construction, Construction, Mining and Agricultural industries, Real Estate and Business Services.

Mr. Saul Yabar will identify, evaluate and secure projects to WOGI- South America, a host of industries from petroleum, mining, agricultural and construction.

Ing. Julio Saul Yabar Pacheco - Highlights

-Civil Engineer with Post-grade Studies in the University of Padua Italy.

-International Consultant of Energy and Mining Projects, to the date

-Director of Mega Projects in hydroelectric Power Generation such as Pucara, and Molloco 2004 to 2010.

-Director of the National Peruvian Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (fir the last 2 terms – from 2012-2016)

-Owner of a Construction Company offering EPC Contracts for the Construction and Energy Sector.

-Vice-President on behalf of the Peruvian Government for the Reconstruction Fund of the South from 2008 to 2010.

-Director of PETRO PERU from (National Peruvian Oil Company, Período 2006 – 2008).

Asesor del Presidente de la República del Perú en Proyectos de Irrigación, Energía y Petróleo (Periodo 1985 – 1987)

Director for South America for Lahmeyer International (Period 1998 -2003)

Adviser of the President of Peru in irrigation, Energy and Oil (period1985 to 1987).

Operations Manager of Abengia Peru and Member of the Board of Directors (Period 2004 - 2010)

Executive director of the Reconstruction Authority for the Sydro electrical Project of Chira Piura

(1980 a 1984).

The Joint Venture immediately has two power plants to build with an equity position on the PPA. These two projects will give the Joint Venture 1) project for $47milion dollars in EPC revenue and the 2nd project for $11millions dollars in EPC revenue with a 15 year PPA. "EPC-Engineering Procurement & Construction."This is not a bid, these project are Mr. Yabar's projects he brought to the team.

This Joint Venture alliance will allow World Oil Group, Inc.'s MDN Peru to have access to bid on government tenders by having the EPC license by and through IAGESA and in reverse it will allow IAGESA to bid on government tenders for projects requiring heavy equipment/cranes for its power plant and mining projects. This combination allows for WOGI- South America, S.A.A. to become a Turn Key Contractor with in the region covering the main items need to accomplish large scale projects such as these.

WOGI-SA- Power Plant Projects

Project #1 Cusco

Total installed capacity 28 MW in cascade (6MW, 8MW and 14MW)

6km pressure pipe for each unit in cascade for a total of 18 Km and a 0.3 Km tunnel for the 14MW hydro plant

Capacity factor 69.3%

Expected yearly production 176.7 GWh

Hydrology studied over 124 years

Project data reviewed and verified by POYRY

Studies available upon request for detailed due diligence (an executed NDA is required)

Expected returns 16.7 %IRR

Renewable PPA for 15 years

TOTAL EST. COST USD 53.2 Million (EPC estimated cost: USD 47 Million)

Construction period 18 months

Project # 2- Outside Lima

Location Near Lima (see map)

Installed capacity 6.5 MW

Tunnel 1.4 Kms / Channel length 0.5 Km

Capacity factor 64.7%

Expected yearly production 50.7 GWh

Hydrology studied over 36 years

Project data reviewed and verified by Lombardi SPA

Studies available upon request for detailed due diligence (an executed NDA is required)

Expected returns 17.7 %IRR

Renewable PPA for 15 years

TOTAL EST. COST USD 12.4 Million (EPC estimated cost USD 11 Million)

Construction period 15 months

WOGI-South America- Business Services Team

World Oil Group, Inc.'s core team will support WOGI-South America, S.A.A. and this allows for WOGI-South America, S.A.A. to be one of Central/South Americas greatest "Out of the Box" Actionable Think Tanks that can effectively take over mismanaged/failing companies, by and through its highly competent diverse business and petroleum team starting with the petroleum industry. WOGI can quantify how in grounds assets have not been maximized and how it can maximized the in ground asset in a safe method through its "Sustainable Oil and Gas Field Model" thus, making the oil wells cleaner and more profitable than ever been before.

WOGI's proven strategy is using a combination of Asymmetrical Leadership, Greater Accountability, World Class Petroleum Engineer Dr. Samuel Armacanqui (former Engineer for Conoco, Shell, Omani Oil, RWE-SUCO), Cutting Edge Technology/Techniques, Environmentally Friendly Oil Field Products on the US EPA NCP Subpart J List for Hazardous Spill/Oil Spill Clean Up, Tested by Peru's National University of Engineering School for Petroleum and Petrochemicals and manufactured by World Oil Group, Inc.-Environmental Protection Associates.

WOGI's team is highly competent in the business and petroleum industry with shale oil experience. WOGI's is a Turn Key Oil Contractor that can operate oil wells with maximum performance and ROI in any environment.

WOGI's CEO Nathan Hall has been in Lima, Peru, since Aug 25, 2015 and has identified multiple opportunities in the petroleum, mining and construction fields that WOGI-South America, S.A.A. and its American support team will identify, analyze, proposal and acquire/take over.

WOGI's Strength is that is has world class leaders in diverse academic/business fields with extensive field experience that allows WOGI's team to move fast, effective and surgical with International experience in fast paced markets.


World Oil Group, a developmental stage company that acquired a public company via reverse merger that was grossly mismanagement and filled with debt. True leadership was implemented and verifiable and measurable business is now in place with an entire new team and company.

Its new leadership is world class with a vast amount of International expertise and connections.

Since the acquisition a little over 13 months ago, World Oil Group, Inc. has paid off all the convertible debt to Baron Capital the previous owner(s) put on the company, cleaned up its messes, and met all its benchmarks as it stated in its Press Releases in first quarter 2015.

World Oil Group's team has spent time evaluating value add opportunities, hand picking a world class team with major accomplishments, acquiring asset(s) and building a solid company that is diverse and balanced.

WOGI is acquiring assets and by the time WOGI's CEO leaves Lima, Peru, WOGI will have far surpassed its benchmark. It's now truly positioned for growth.

World Oil Group, Inc. has balanced out its portfolio via its new subsidiary WOGI South America, S.A.A. Operations based in Lima, Peru.

World Oil Group, Inc.'s CEO Nathan Hall is committed to serious growth and is always evaluating capital partner(s).for potential grow opportunities. WOGI is seeking financing for the above mentioned energy projects in Peru. Contact WOGI at

About World Oil Group, Inc.

World Oil Group, Inc. is an international petroleum company that uses actionable intelligence from its strategic relationships to target and identify niche market opportunities in and out of the Unites States.

World Oil Group, Inc.'s executive team and advisers have a vast military and international sector experience in hostile and emerging markets where oil field and mining operations are the dominant source of revenue.

WOGI's team/advisors range from a double Post Doctorate in Petroleum/Mining Engineering to a Princeton University PhD graduate in Economics to an International Ambassador(s) to US Military Paratrooper(s) to British Special Forces to Graduate of Harvard Executive Studies Program to a former V.P. of Business Development of a multibillion dollar corporation.

WOGI's team and advisors have worked on every major continent in the world at multiple levels of government and private sector business.

World Oil Group, Inc., engages in various vertical and horizontal opportunities within the petroleum markets such as Oil Exploration, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Hydro Carbon Remediation, Energy Trading, Oil & Gas Industry Product/Equipment Sales, Oil Field Security and Pioneering Micro & Nano refinery operations.

World Oil Group, Inc. continues to seek opportunities in niche markets where it can use its international experience and "boots on the ground" strategic relationships to continue leveraging its analytical experience in emerging markets and continue to grow shareholder value.

WOGI will continue increasing shareholder value by serving niches areas of opportunity and not casting its self too deep in one area as to get caught in the downturn of the oil markets that are politically controlled and not market driven.

EPA Petroleum, Inc. "EPA" is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Oil Group, Inc. (WOGI). The Company is an independent producer of crude oil and natural gas. EPA Petroleum is actively involved in drilling activities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania using its subcontract drilling partner.

World Oil Group, Inc. is now taking the path breaking challenge to lead the world on its "Sustainable Oil & Gas Field Model" implementing the concepts and related applications model in the Petroleum Industry. WOGI is always seeking new opportunities in the petroleum industry and will look to develop economic growth in the areas it works. As WOGI enters into a market, it will seek to help bring jobs within its foot print. World Oil Group's vision is to grow exponentially with the Petroleum Industries using "The Sustainable Oil & Gas Fields" concepts and applications for E&P & EOR, and Energy Trading in the USA and around the world.

The foregoing press announcement contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by such terminology such as "believes," "expects," "potential," "plans," "suggests," "may," "should," "could," "intends," or similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements. In particular, management's expectations could be affected by, among other things, uncertainties relating to our success in completing acquisitions, financing our operations, entering into strategic partnerships, engaging management and other matters disclosed by us in our public filings from time to time. Forward-looking statements speak only as to the date they are made. The Company does not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made.



For more information contact:


Grace Carlton, Chief Communications Officer
World Oil Group, Inc.
Ph. 407-777-9228

SOURCE: World Oil Group, Inc.

Source: Accesswire (October 9, 2015 - 6:30 AM EDT)

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