A 30-year-old you may have never heard of is trying to build a company worth four Apples — and a Nike to spare.

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a fast riser in the Saudi hierarchy and member of the new generation, has the world’s ear after an expansive interview where he elaborated on his plan for taking the mega-giant state oil company public.

Bin Salman, son of King Salman, was the surprise choice to serve as deputy to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the 56-year-old who had been seen as a possible heir apparent but is now viewed by some as more of a rival. Bin Nayef is interior minister who rose to power on his success as head of the Saudi counterterrorism program. King Salman, himself 80, took the throne when King Abdullah died in January 2015.

He stands in stark contrast to the traditional Western image of a Saudi leader — young, urbane and with views that seem far from traditional.

He is chairman of the Supreme Petroleum Council, above Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi, and he also is head of the military, and a driving force behind the war in Yemen.

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