Michael Tanner hosts the 360 Digital Closing Bell - out every day in your e-mail.  This already shaping up to be a continued crazy week with international news and great interviews! This is the best 5 min summary for the energy finance news.

We cover some key points the stock rally and we just released our interview yesterday from the experts from Sproule. The link to the interview is below. 

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Exclusive 360 Energy Expert Network Video Interview: Sproule – The oil and gas demand curve looking up with increased road traffic.

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4-30-2020 360 Digital Closing Bell - Hosted by Michael Tanner

Michael Tanner [00:00:00] You're on. What's going on, guys?

Michael Tanner [00:00:03] Michael here, 360 digital closing bell, live from an undisclosed location here on this beautiful April 30th, the last day in April 2020.

Michael Tanner [00:00:12] Exciting. We bring you the Digital Ticker. We have a great show lined up. As always, I'm joined live from undisclosed location by the director, publisher of Oil and Gas 360.com Stu. How you doing?

Stu Turley [00:00:22] Good. Fantastic. Beautiful day in Dallas.

Michael Tanner [00:00:25] It's a beautiful day. It's a little overcast. And we just actually recorded our podcast that will drop tomorrow morning before the market.

Michael Tanner [00:00:31] So if you want not subscribe to the 360 digital closing bell, that is the best way on iTunes, Spotify to get all of this content, whether it's our digital tickers or our bi weekly podcast. The best way to update on all of your energy finance use. You can also check out the Energy 360 Network by Entercom. It has all the best interviews with some of the best. Interesting thought. We just broke a powerhouse group of interviews between tissue and out of a teen energy. We did reach out to a 10x technology. Sproule We have so many good ones lined up on the docket. Please check that out. But we have a great show. Who's going to bring us some stuff from the international news tax? My one big thing is, is is gonna be pretty lame. But really when we look at the digital ticker, NASDAQ ends flat.

Michael Tanner [00:01:12] Dow Jones it s p y finish in the red, but everything else is in the green. And we'll start out with S P Y at twenty nine twelve draw-down point nine percent or about twenty seven points. Not that bad when you consider some of the news that came out. Nasdaq finishes flat at eighty nine seventy eight. We're only about a 1 1 point increaser about 0 1 percent. Dow Jones finishes above 24000, which was good considering the fact that there was a two hundred eighty point loss at twenty four thousand three hundred and forty five or down one point one seven percent. Crude oil did very well, up twenty five percent or another three dollars in ninety seven cents up to nineteen. Oh, three. If you want to know some more of the levels, if you were bullied, you could check out the 360 Digital Bell closing podcast tomorrow morning on iTunes and Spotify. Twelve months stripped us. What does does really well. Excuse me. A dollar sixty move about five percent. Movement on the upside. 33 0 for natural gas does very well. Remember, that was a hedge that we took out for our nonofficial official fund at 1 at three point 5 percent or up 7 cents to a dollar. Ninety three. And change public strip for natural gas $2 and ninety two cents or up 1 percent. As always, S.O.P. OPIS, which are epee securities contract. Beats the s.m and was the last time we again we have we've been able to say this for the past couple days. X.O. P beating the S&P 500 which is under the S P 500, which means equity is down today. ExampIe Equities up one point one seven percent $54 and thirty six cents allwe i r o h contract your oilfield services. Remember two hundred and one stock split or excuse me 20 to 1 stock split trading at one hundred and nine thousand seventy eight. It's losing about $4 or about 3 percent off the day. So do what some international news stuff we need to worry about.

Stu Turley [00:02:56] A storage is always a big topic, but Petrobas, we dropped a story on quote unquote ample storage in a recovering China insulate Petru boss from the oil glut. The pretty interesting little story. China to the rescue. Petrobras chief executive up Roberto Broncho recorded comments in a local media that he was worried about selling at a profit and rather than finding a home for the oil. Here's the thing.China can use the crappy oil

Michael Tanner [00:03:29] China is buying Venezuelan oil because they can actually use it crappy crude oil and there's no sanctions on that crude like there are here for good for good, good measures. And really, my one big thing of the day is listen to our podcast tomorrow.

Michael Tanner [00:03:45] We'd go through a whole host of things. And really the one big thing was talking about the Trump administration and some things that possible public stakes in oil companies. I kind of lay out my thesis on why I'm not necessarily a fan of some of this government intervention that's being floated in the past week. And there's a lot of different reasons why I just encourage you to check out that podcast drops tomorrow morning on i-Tunes Spotify seen on YouTube, Entercom 360 Digital Closing Bell. And with that, folks, we're going to go and let you get back to work. Thank you for checking out the 360 digital closing bell. We'll see. That's tomorrow.

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