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We cover some key points the stock rally and we just released our interview the experts from Sproule. The link to the interview is below.

Exclusive 360 Energy Expert Network Video Interview: Sproule – The oil and gas demand curve looking up with increased road traffic.

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Michael Tanner [00:00:01] What's going on, guys? Michael here, 360 Digital Closing Bell, live from an undisclosed location on YouTube here in Denver, Colorado. As always, I am joined by the director and publisher of Oil and Gas. He secured a com, an executive producer of the show, Stu Turley's, too. How you doing?

Stu Turley [00:00:16] I'm doing fantastic. It's a beautiful day in Dallas Texas is opening up tomorrow.

Michael Tanner [00:00:22] I mean, that's a great, great sign. We've got some really great positive Corona virus, New Stu's going to talk about. It's a beautiful day here in Denver. And it's obviously we are coming to you Wednesday, April 29. Lot of green on the board today. It's going to be a really fun show. Digital ticker's. Great. My one big thing, it always.

Stocks are going crazy. Everything's green. Who's gonna talk to you a little bit about why? But it's a great number. S.P. y to twenty to thirty-nine. Up seventy-six points. We are almost back to the three thousand level, which is great to see. Tech stocks again doing very well. Eighty-nine eighty two or about a 300 point gain for tech stocks. It was led heavy by Amazon. Who's going to start pumping out more and more materials as some of this positive coronavirus continues. The Dow Jones gives us 500-point increase or about 2.2 percent to twenty four thousand four or six hundred and thirty three twelvemonth or excuse me, crude oil does very, very well, up twenty four percent or about $3. Even on the day up to fifteen thirty-seven. Great news for crude oil off the back of what people were thinking was going to be that same situation with negative pricing against some of this positive news that continues to come out around Corona about is what leads the charge for oil. The 12-month strip only doing a little bit, not doing quite as well, only 0.6 percent to thirty-one dollars and thirty eight cents. Natural gas is doing well at also doing well, up eight cents or about four point five percent to one dollar and eighty seven cents on on our faith, but not fake fund on the Energy 360 podcast, which drops every Monday and Wednesday for the market. I actually got a little hedge Tuesday from my position. Bonanza Creek took out a little Lutts insurance with natural gas. Both positions are up today as we'll move in. It was good to see for that 12-month strip for natural gas down point six percent or about 20 cents two dollars and eighty-nine cents. Exile people start ENFP Securities contract up huge today, up five dollars and fifteen cents or about 10 percent of the overall index. Up to fifty-three sixty. I haven't seen X.O. At 50 in a long time, so really great to see. And you want to talk about mover OSHA contract one hundred and thirteen thousand ninety two sets up $13. Remember, that is off the back of 20 to 1 stock split, but it's up 13 percent relative. A huge day. And you get into a little bit of the numbers on our fate, but not fake fund that we talk about on the 360. Did your closing bell gets to position that we have ZigBee from a Bonanza Creek up eighteen point nine percent. Sixteen dollars and twenty nine cents. Remember, I took out a little 90 shares long at about fourteen eighty. Stu came into doubt, the same thing, about 60 shares of Apache up 22 percent or $2 and thirty eight cents, about $13. Great day for that House Tomcat doing, by the way.

Stu Turley [00:04:07] He got in on that. But boy, he's rolling today. So I'll tell you, he's having fun and give me so. And there's some news items we need to talk about. You know what? I have never published a CNN story before. Guess what? It came across the news desk. A CNN story. So really, this is one of the ones that I think impacted the whole market. Dr. Foushee went out and said there is some fantastic data on the cove information. And it came from CNN. And they said with the excitement of the U.S. opening up again, it's all positive. I fell over. Yeah, gotta love it. And the market loved it. I think as well, too.

Michael Tanner [00:04:51] The market loved it. Gilliard shares actually stopped trading this morning. It was a news halting. And I when I saw that come across the ticker, I was pretty pumped. You could see the. Overall markets sort of pump because they knew what that whole thing. So it was great to see. And we'll be looking for a CNN article out of W W W Dot Oil and gas. 360 dot com. Before we move into my one big thing, the law, the lawyers make us say this. We don't get sued. As always, any investment advice we've given the show is for entertainment purposes only. Everyone here on the show invest for our own account. They do not manage any outside money. We do not give investment advice. We don't offer any securities or any involvement in the regulated side of the industry. And remember, investing is always risky and you can lose your entire principle. That being said, though, if you are actually trading, there is some crazy stuff going on right now. When it comes to WHITING Petroleum and first, this is one reason why you need to be on Twitter and follow. If you do not follow that hashtag, you will miss out. This is something comes down and you give an example of some craziness that is happy. WHITING Petroleum, as we know, is declared bankruptcy. Their shares are trading about 10 times their implied value. So how does that work out? What how to how do you know? So basically what happens is debt holders own about ninety seven percent of all the outstanding debt on WHITING, which means when the restructure happens, people who own unsecured notes, which is the debt, are going to get ninety seven percent of the new equity that's given out whenever they clear bankruptcy, 3 percent, which is left over, is going to be given to the people who currently own stock in that. But guess what? If you wanted to buy 1 percent of the debt, which would get you 1 percent of new equity in this company, it would cost you $2.4 million chunk of change.

[00:06:27] But it's not going to kill you. You want to buy 1 percent currently on the open stock that converts to 3 percent. You would have to spend 30. What is the price? Thirty point six million dollars or about 10 x more? The stories. You do not get it on WHITING right now. They are not all overvalued. They're gonna go bankrupt. You're going to have nothing. You don't know when the dip is going to come. So please watch yourself on WHITING and always check the unsecured note value that's going to tell you the whole story. And with that, we're going to go and let you guys get back to work. Thank you for checking out the 360 digital closing bell here this beautiful April. Twenty ninth. Twenty twenty. We'll see you guys tomorrow.

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