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We cover some key points like the oil is up and market down. Show notes are listed below. 

Show Notes: 

In bare-knuckle negotiations, Exxon slants view of pandemic to suit its aims

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5-1-2020 360 Digital Closing Bell Hosted by Michael  

MIchael Tanner [00:00:01] What's going on, guys? Michael here, 360 digital closing bell coming to you live on YouTube from an undisclosed location here in Denver, Colorado. It is May 1st. Twenty twenty Friday at the end of the week. So it's our last show of the week. But our first show of the month. So I did a little celebration that we had some great news. We get to talk about we have a you know, we're going to talk about just sort of some demand relief that we're going to be seeing moving into the week. Stu's got some international news, Dex, items we're going to cover. But we need you to clear a little clerical work first, please. I sound like a broken record, but subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Energy 360 Network on intercom You can find that on agent despite also on the 360 digital closing bell on ITINs Spotify.

But no, the thing is red today, except for crude and WTI, the front month contract. Everything else on my screen is red. It's really disgusting actually. SB Why closing 28, 30 or down 2.8 percent, down 81 points as that futures down two hundred and ninety-one-point trading at eight seven 872 started out at 9000 today. We saw Nasdaq drop all the way eighty seven 07. Dow Jones loses six hundred and twenty-two points, about two point five percent down to twenty three thousand seven hundred and twenty two. That's what the back of Amazon losing about 7 percent today. Again, crude oil is but the only thing it did well today, up 81 cents or 4 or 4 percent up to nineteen sixty five was all the way above 20 for the first time in what seems like forever. Twelve months strip though down 3.3 percent, about a dollar nine thirty one ninety two.

Natural gas, which again we have a little hedge in our non-official official fund down to a dollar eighty eight or about three percent down about six cents on the day. Twelve month strip for natural gas doing a little better, only down about point six percent or about one set to two dollars and ninety one cents. Our actual PMP securities contract down 8 percent even on the deal about $4 and thirty five cents down to fifty dollars and one cent even just closing just about 50 or older age contract closes above 100, but still down about 8 percent or about eight dollars to one hundred and ninety five. Even remember, there's a 20 to 1 stock split that block that number there. They're still what's coming to us in the international news desk.

Stu Turley [00:03:24] They just got the big boys again. It's the old big boys trying to wipe out all of our oil companies. We need Exxon in a bare-knuckle negotiation. Exxon slants view of pandemic to suit its own needs. When you're that big, you go force your way around. And it is not a pretty sight. It's on our Oil and gas 360 site.

MIchael Tanner [00:03:51] Now please check out. And you know, that kind of brings me to my one big thing, which is actually some optimistic news for the first time in a while. I think really what you're seeing, especially with crude oil being up 4 percent, about 4 1/2 percent up 5 percent total on the week was really the shift in where we think demand. I think a lot of the stuff that I've been hearing coming out of, I'm really the big, big oil research guys, is that demand loss has peaked. We've peaked at about 25 million, 30 million bales and that as we move into May. Thank goodness. I mean, talk about a calendar change.

White April, can we have a redo on the first four months start fresh year? Let's see if we can move forward. California's talking about reopening up here within the week. Texas is I think you're going to see these demand numbers come back. I think you're also going to see production domestically dropped three, four, three to four hundred thousand bills. I know that was my prediction three weeks ago. So I'm a little late. I mean, I was a little early to the party, but it's sometimes better to be early. They never show up to the party at all. So I I'm still going to be here. I'm expecting three to four thousand votes.

We will see what happens. And we will get keep you updated on everything. Energy, finance, because that's what we do on the podcast. Please subscribe. Subscribe to drive. A shout out to our newest sponsor, Adam, a teen energy. We're excited to have them on the show. I think with that, though, we're going to the and let you guys finish up your day early. You have our permission. You can tell your boss. My goal is to give you permission to finish this show and go ahead and get that and go ahead. Get on with your weekend. And thank you for checking out the 360 digital closing bell. We'll see you guys Monday before the market open.

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