Indeed releases its ‘Best Places to Work’ rankings

International employment website Indeed serves more than 200 million people each month who are searching for jobs, posting resumes, and researching companies in 60 countries.

According to Indeed’s research, visitors who were oil and gas sector employees, former employees and job seekers who visited who posted reviews of the oil and gas companies where they worked, the highest rated U.S. oil and gas industry workplaces are:


  1. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (The Woodlands, TX)

  2. Chevron (San Ramon, CA)

  3. Plains All American Pipeline (Houston, TX)

  4. Occidental Petroleum (Houston, TX)

  5. Noble Energy (Houston, TX)

  6. Hess Corporation (New York, NY)

  7. Chesapeake Energy (Oklahoma City, OK)

  8. Baker Hughes Incorporated (Houston, TX)

  9. Atmos Energy (Dallas, TX)


Ranking calculation methodology

Indeed said it uses a proprietary algorithm to rank companies using a variety of factors, such as average rating, number of reviews, and the history of job openings. But in general, companies with a large number of high ratings will place higher in the rankings.

“Indeed has the most visitors of any other job site at 200 million unique visitors per month,” Indeed Media Relations Specialist Kristen Gehring told Oil & Gas 360®, “and the most job postings at 16 million.”

Indeed said its “Best Places to Work” is determined from reviews left by visitors to on the individual company pages. Company ratings as well as excerpts of reviews and content are determined by reviews left by job seekers on Indeed, samples of which are published below.

The ranking methodology is applied uniformly across all companies, in all lists, Indeed said.

Indeed has over 10 million company reviews on workplaces around the world. “The companies on this list are the most highly rated on overall employee experience,” the company said.

Oil related job searches edging higher

“Since the spring of 2016, job searches using oil-related terms on Indeed have slowly edged higher throughout the year,” said Indeed Economist Daniel Culbertson, who conducted the research for Indeed’s Hiring Lab.

Anadarko, Chevron, Plains All American Top List of Best U.S. Oil & Gas Employers: Indeed

“This could suggest that idle oil workers or those that may have found work in other fields after the price collapse have seen encouraging signs in the oil labor market and are seeking to return to the industry,” Culbertson said.

Criteria for company eligibility

Eligibility for visibility on national lists is determined taking into account a company’s size, number of job openings and locations, and economic influence at a national level. In lists that rank by location, industry, or job type, all companies matching the criteria are shown and ranked. To be included in this view, a company must be eligible for visibility in this list, based on sufficient reviews for the relevant category (regardless of sponsored status).

Read oil and gas company reviews

The following are actual oil and gas company reviews from the top three Indeed ranked companies. These reviews were posted by current and former employees on and republished here as actual examples.

Reviews for Anadarko Petroleum (ticker: APC)

Currently 8 Jobs Posted on Indeed

Sr. Spatial Data Analyst (Former Employee) –  Denver, CO – March 16, 2016

The work culture and life balance is really exceptional. The compensation and benefits are second to none.
In my four years, I learned a great deal about the oil and gas world from a fortune 500 company. My training was in the geospatial context (GIS). I found meeting the needs of the field staff at the operational level was the most rewarding part of my solutions and work efforts. I would say meeting the spatial analysis needs and GIS needs of APC staff was my greatest pleasure. I also enjoyed providing GIS/iMaps training to APC field staff.

My co-workers and teammates were wonderful and extremely capable. I’d say that management was perhaps the weakest part of of the team. Decisions and leadership were wanting often however being the worker-bee, it was difficult to know the pressures and politics the management team was under. Even in this light, I appreciate all that the management did for the team. Due to economic pressures, APC was forced to lay off 17% of their staff and I was a causality of the market.

Pros: Work Life Balance. Coworkers. Small wins. Cons: Management communication/direction.

Accountant II – Joint Interest Billing (Current Employee) –  The Woodlands, TX – October 28, 2016

Great place. Great company. Great culture. Good work life balance. Was able to come in early and leave to get my children off of the bus which is great.

Operator 1 (Former Employee) –  Platteville, CO – September 21, 2016

APC has the resources to be a leader in industry, not many operators in the DJ have quite the horsepower Anadarko does. Engineers are world class in my experience, and as far as tech goes they are years ahead of their counterparts. Their fatal flaw lies in their management, who are pedestrian at best compared to their tech and engineering. Middle management is staffed with former operators who may have been great at operations but have no understanding of employee development or leadership.

Pros: Best in class operations, truly great minds progressing the cause. Cons: Leadership qualities are cookie cutter, and values are mere lip service.

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) –  The Woodlands, TX – July 11, 2016

I love working at Anadarko. It is a great place to work. I love the management team and the organization as a whole. My typical work day is filled with dealing with contracts and reconciliations. I have learned quite a bit here. I learned expense reporting, invoicing, risk accounting. My co-workers are a wonderful group of people to work with. The hardest part of my job is the lack of customer service I do. I thrive on helping people, but in my current position, I do not have much contact with people. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing I work for an outstanding company.

Pros: Generous Personal time and work balance. Cons: No opportunity to change my current position.

Fieldman (Former Employee) –  Carrizo Springs, TX – March 14, 2016

I worked for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for over 5 years but was unfortunately laid off very recently due to the sinking cost of oil.  I operated and maintained compression facilities and my typical day consisted of walking the yard and looking for faults and deficiencies, logging compressor run time status, and making repairs to facility equipment. Management was some of the best I’ve worked with in my 20 years of being out in the workforce and they tried hard to make working at Anadarko as safe and as enjoyable as possible!
I got along with all of my fellow coworkers, and they’re a lot of great, hard-working guys and gals.
The hardest part of my job was definitely learning that I was getting laid off, but they did offer me an excellent severance package!

Pros: Excellent benefits, 401K, PTO, and hourly pay is great! Cons: Getting laid off.

Reviews for Chevron Corporation (ticker: CVX)

Currently 496 Jobs Posted on Indeed

Communications Consultant (Former Employee) – Houston, TX – September 13, 2016

When I think of Chevron I think intelligence – processes, asset management and global partnerships. Consequently market share is solid and all employees receive the monetary benefits.

Pros: Flexible schedules, telecommuting. Cons: Frequent downsizing

Cogen Facilities Engineer (Former Employee) –  Bakersfield, CA – April 27, 2016

Chevron is a great place to work. The management is supportive and my co-workers were a real pleasure to work with day in and day out. Chevron believes in a work/life balance and it shows. The hardest part of the job is keeping abreast of all the internal processes. As in any oil company job security is an issue. The recent downturn in oil prices has caused many layoffs.

Sr. Office Administrator Project Manager Assistant (Current Employee) –  Colorado – November 9, 2016

Chevron is one of the BEST companies I have had the pleasure to work for. Very close staff. Everyone pulls for each other.  The benefits are great. My hours are perfect. Unfortunately this BU is closing down and going to Questa Mine site. There the project will go into reclamation. I have learned so many skills with Chevron and they always encourage me to learn more. My supervisor is great and my coworkers are awesome.

Pros: On line education, Paid education. Bonuses. Cons: May not always like what is handed out but someone has to do it

Chevron, MCBU Delaware Basin Cost Analyst (Former Employee) –  Houston, TX – July 29, 2016

I arrived each morning to an enjoyable work environment, excellent analytical tools to use, and quality team members to work with every day. Good management and supervisors to help guide you to succeed. There really isn’t anything I would consider hard other than, for me, standing up in front of large groups and speaking. The most enjoyable aspects, cross-functional team assignments, and the in house gym which is available for all employees.

Reviews for Plains All American Pipeline (ticker: PAA)

Currently 24 Jobs Posted on Indeed

Pipeline Controller (Current Employee) –  Midland, TX – January 9, 2017

Great benefits, family type workplace culture, good bonuses and equity for long term employment. I knew nothing about the oilfield when starting at this company, training and knowledge is immense.
A typical day consists of communicating with your fellow coworkers and verifying all aspects of your console. You then go over everything once they leave for the day. Monitor tank pressures, flow rates. If things arise that don’t look right or are broken, you notify the correct personnel.  Communicating and getting along with other console coworkers. The hardest thing about this job would be sitting in a chair for 12 hour shifts.
The most enjoyable part of this job is the amount of time that we are off duty.

Pros: positive environment. Cons: long hours

Land Analyst (Former Employee) –  Houston, TX – November 9, 2016

Great place to learn even if you have little to no experience starting out. The work/life balance is ideal and management is generally nice. The hardest part of my job is dealing with private landowners. My favorite part of the job is everything else! I enjoy sourcing information for our Ops personnel, curing title, working in GIS to obtain geographic data for various easement and lease sites.

Pros: great work/life balance

Administrative Specialist (Former Employee) –  Houston, TX – April 13, 2016

Plains is an awesome company. Great benefits and family oriented. There is plenty of room for advancement. The only downfall is that it’s in the oil and gas industry.

E&I Technician (Former Employee) –  Stanley, ND – March 26, 2015

Plains All American Pipelines provided an excellent work environment. They also trained and supported their employees with the best educational training in the business. They especially spared no expense in training all personnel to the highest standards in safety and strictly enforced safety as the most important aspect of the job. Management was top notch and they made sure that we employees had the best equipment to do the job. Coworkers were excellent and helpful even when it wasn’t their job duties. We all worked together to keep everything operational. Most of all: They never cut corners on safety.

Pros: Excellent Pay, Benefits, opportunity for advancement. Cons: Hazardous materials handling which demanded absolute concentration and dedication to duties.

Indeed said that SilkRoad conducted research of branded jobseeker websites which showed that Indeed is the dominant source of hires, delivering 43% of external hires, two and a half times as many as all other top branded career sites combined.  Indeed is also the number one source of interviews, delivering 52%, more than six times as many interviews as CareerBuilder, the next largest source, and ten times as many as LinkedIn and Craigslist. SilkRoad uses an entire year of automated source tracking data from over 1,200 employers of all sizes to show which recruitment sources are the most effective, according to Indeed.

Anadarko, Chevron, Plains All American Top List of Best U.S. Oil & Gas Employers: Indeed

Source: SilkRoad/Indeed

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