Whiting Petroleum, Unit Corporation 2015 Annual Reports

In an era of everything digital to be consumed on your phone—newspapers, books, magazines, menus and movies—it’s nice to hold a company’s annual report in your hands while you can still smell the fresh ink and feel the weight of the paper. Compare that to scrolling through hundreds of pages of unformatted 10-K text your computer.

Starting with the cover, a company’s annual report tells a story. It makes a first impression. It gives you insight into the thinking and priorities of the organization’s leadership, and it weaves large-scale graphics, quality illustrations and first-class photography into its storytelling.

EnerCom recently completed designing and publishing the 2015 official annual reports for two of the premier U.S. energy companies—Whiting Petroleum (ticker: WLL; Whiting.com) and Unit Corporation (ticker: UNT; UnitCorp.com).

Whiting Petroleum Corporation 2015 Annual Report Cover

The 2015 Annual Report for Whiting Petroleum delivers 16 pages of full color photography, graphics and key data bound to the company’s 2015 10-K.

“The goal with Whiting’s annual report was to pull through their re-branding,” said Erik Carlgren, art director at EnerCom. “ ‘Fundamentally Better’ is the company’s new brand statement. We carried that message through their website, their company presentation and now into their 2015 Annual Report.

“Whiting is an established exploration and production leader and the largest producer in the Bakken. Our strategy in coming up with the new brand message was to treat their brand as evolutionary, not revolutionary,” Carlgren said. “In their annual report you will see familiar design elements and themes that have evolved.”


Unit Corporation 2015 Annual Report Cover

The 2015 Annual Report for Unit Corporation is simple and straightforward. Its details are delivered in the words, including a strong, clear shareholder letter from CEO Larry Pinkston. The Unit Corporation 2015 Annual Report tells the company’s story in six color pages, with straightforward photography and graphics that serve to reinforce the reporting, bound to the company’s 2015 10-K.

Unit Corporation’s 2011 and 2012 Annual Reports, also designed by EnerCom, both won League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) Vision Awards.

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