Paying down debt with cash, share buybacks continue
Antero Resources (ticker: AR) announced it has monetized a portion of its hedge position today, taking advantage of the recent shifts in gas prices.

Antero sold part of its hedge portfolio by an early settlement of 68% of its swaps for April through December and replaced the volumes with collars. This sale generated $235 million for the company. Antero reports its 1.575 Bcf/d of new collars for April through December have a floor of $2.50/MMBTU and a ceiling of about $3.40/MMBTU. Antero also reset 70% of its 2020 fixed price swaps from $3.25/MMBTU to $3.00/MMBTU for $122 million.

Use of proceeds
Overall, the volumes the company has hedged are unchanged with an average floor price...

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