By Tyler Losier, Energy Reporter, Oil & Gas 360

Marjan and Berri oilfields to increase capacity by 550,000 BOPD, 2.5 BSCFD of gas
Saudi Aramco, the state oil company of Saudi Arabia, has awarded 34 contracts worth $18 billion for increment programs to increase production in its Marjan and Berri oilfields.

More specifically, the company plans to add an additional 550,000 BOPD of crude and 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day (BSCFD) of gas. Aramco’s maximum sustained capacity, however, will remain at 12 million BOPD.

Of the 90 companies who were invited to bid, 16 were selected, 50% of which were Saudi-based. In addition, contractors who were selected will be required to “maximize the procurement of material and equipmen...

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