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Wyoming Critical Mineral Developer Expands Range of Potential JV Partners, Wyoming Critical Mineral Developer Considers JV/Buyout Offers,  Potential Suitors for Wyoming Critical Minerals Deposits Expanded

Denver, CO – (Oil & Gas 360 – December 2, 2020) — Arcadia Minerals, Inc. (AMI), owner of two advanced stage critical minerals deposits in Wyoming, has engaged EnerCom Inc. to assist in identifying potential joint-venture partners or buyers for its properties.

Arcadia Minerals, Inc begins process of identifying capital partners and joint venture operator to develop $860 Million Insitu critical minerals deposits in Wyoming- oil and gas 360

Source: Reuters


Critical and rare earth minerals are on a steep demand trajectory on par with EV minerals (lithium, graphite, cobalt, copper, nickel) and used in high growth markets including, military weapons, electric vehicles, high-tech digital, wind, solar, electronics and smartphones.

Recent initiatives by the U.S. Congress, White House by Executive Order, and the Department of Defense declaring a State of Emergency for Critical Minerals are intended to rapidly wean the United States and its allies from their dependence on critical and rare earth mineral supply from China.

AMI owns two proven resource blocks on 2,800 acres (11.3 km2) located in the politically stable state of Wyoming containing zirconium, titanium and rare earths. The de-risked opportunity includes “double staked” claims with no legacy title or mining issues, located in a mining industry friendly state, and independent engineering reports confirming the contained resources and grade, including metallurgical reports and pre-feasibility report.

The project is a simple, open pit mine with over 33 million delineated tons that will utilize well proven dry, wet, and magnetic separation, with low cost production and a projected 85-92% yield.  A recent valuation of the insitu resource is estimated at $860 million.

Strategic consulting partners on the project include BRS Inc. with over thirty years’ experience in mining and engineering for permitting, design and construction management and Hazen Research, Inc.

Hal Herron, president of AMI stated, “It is time to proceed with the development of these valuable resource blocks for the Company, our state, and the nation.  Many companies are spending huge sums of exploration dollars looking for the resources that Arcadia already discovered and proved up.  The consulting team at EnerCom has opened our eyes to the vast number of potential JV partners that are seeking a critical and rare earth mineral project, including traditional oil and gas minerals companies, coal producers, and international mining companies looking to secure US domestic resources to assure access to the growing demand market. It is rewarding to work with such a professional team.”



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About AMI

Arcadia Minerals, Inc. is a private critical mineral company headquartered in Wyoming. It owns two advanced stage critical and rare earth mineral resource blocks that are amenable to open pit production.

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