State’s Permanent Fund Pays Annual Cash Dividend to All Residents
The 49th state has its perks. All Alaskans get an annual dividend check from the state. In 2014 their checks were $16 shy of $1,900 per resident.

Residents can thank their state for the royalties generated by oil and gas production on state lands that go into The Alaska Permanent Fund, established in 1976.

By retaining at least 25% of the royalties that energy companies pay to produce oil and natural gas on leased state lands, the Alaska Permanent Fund is now worth mor...

How Native Americans Benefit from Alaska's Permanent Fund

The EIA Reports:
Native Americans in Alaska, in addition to their permanent fund dividend, have another unique system for sharing energy royalties from tribal lands. The 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), enacted by Congress to resolve conflicting land claims and to encourage energy development, established 12 regional tribal corporations to take ownership of tribal lands, which total 44 million acres, or about 12% of Alaska.
When energy resources are developed on tribal lands, under ANCSA, 30% of royalties go to the corporation holding the land and 70% is shared with the other tribal corporations. Although crude oil and natural gas development is concentrated along the northern and southern coasts, more than $1 billion in royalties shared over the years has provided investment capital for all 12 regional corporations to build diversified businesses, expanding into areas such as energy field services, real estate, and construction. All 12 regional corporations were ranked among Alaska's 50 largest businesses by Alaska Business Monthly in 2014.  

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