EnerCom Dallas presenter BetaZi will present at the Tower Club, Downtown Dallas, Wed. Feb. 21

BetaZi LLC creates production forecasting solutions for the oil and gas industry using physics-based predictive analytics. The company has been in operation since 2012 and has modeled over 400,000 wells – the results help decision makers from the oil patch all the way up to board rooms around the world.

BetaZi LLC Lets Operators Solve Problems ‘Wicked Fast’

Physics-Based Predictive Analytics

“We did the calculations to make production forecasts on more than three million wells in the U.S.,” BetaZi Founder and CEO Conradson said back in 2017. “That took BetaZi™ an enormous amount of computational power, but only 48 hours to complete.”

BetaZi LLC Lets Operators Solve Problems ‘Wicked Fast’

From: Moonshine Ink – Janette Conradson (L) and Dr. Heidi Kuzma (R), founders of BetaZi

BetaZi has multiple solutions

BasinAlpha is a series of pre-computed, pre-packaged forecast-based intel bundles for sale on a per-basin basis. Each bundle is a library of BetaZi probabilistic well forecasts on every well in the basin, along with data, type curves, and basic economics. The data allows users to view multi-filtered maps and graph results for an unprecedented look at a reservoir, operator or county of the selected asset group.

BetaZi LLC Lets Operators Solve Problems ‘Wicked Fast’

BetaZi’s BasinAlpha

Another BetaZi offering, bzOnSite, allows engineering teams to set reliable budget forecasts, with the range of uncertainty clearly defined. BzOnSite can also properly value undrilled acreage for maximum lease rates and valuations.

The BetaZi Opinion (BZO) is a customized calculation of BetaZi probabilistic production forecasts on every well in a deal. This offering allows investors to compute, calibrate, understand and exploit the risk factor of an asset to identify the most profitable deals.

EnerCom Dallas conference presenter

BetaZi LLC Lets Operators Solve Problems ‘Wicked Fast’

Dr. Heidi Kuzma, CTO of BetaZi LLC

BetaZi LLC will be presenting at the EnerCom Dallas investment conference, Feb. 21-22 at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas.

BetaZi will also be presenting at the Oilfield Tech & Innovation Conference on Feb. 23 at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas.

Management teams at E&P companies, financial institutions, financial analysts and other oil and gas investment community professionals who invest in the energy space should register now.

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