BetaZi, LLC 

Company Overview

BetaZi creates production forecasting solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry using physics-based predictive analytics. It performs analysis and classification of mineral wells, fields, deposits, reservoirs, etc. including those pertaining to oil, natural gas, water, geothermal fluids, and/or other types of minerals; mining & mineral exploration services; surveying of oil beds and fields; and performing diagnostics pertaining to the same. BetaZi has modeled over 400,000 wells.


BZO ™: The BZO™ deliverable is a custom run of BetaZi probabilistic production forecasts on every well in a deal, delivered in a Spotfire interactive project file that allows users to instantly download, filter, and display results for rapid analysis and examination.

BasinAlpha: A series of pre-computed, comprehensive studies based on BetaZi probabilistic well forecasts for every well in a basin. A powerful tool for evaluating basin-wide production data to provide actionable insights to focus an asset acquisition team on the most profitable areas and companies in the basin scope.

bzOnSite: automatically forecasts future hydrocarbon production by finding a million possible scenarios which explain the data

Management Team

Janette Conradson – Founder, CEO & CFO

Dr. Heidi A. Kuzma – Founder, CIO

Dr. Nimar S. Arora – Founder

The Oil and Gas Conference®

BetaZi is presenting at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® at the Denver Downtown Westin Hotel, Denver, Colo. Aug. 19-23, 2018. EnerCom expects to have more than 80 presenting oil and gas companies and more than 2000 financial professionals attending this year’s conference.

To learn more about the conference and presenter schedule please visit the conference website here.

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