Amplify Your Brand and Message With a
​Proven​ Content Marketing Platform​​

Our multi-channel content marketing platform is made for ​the oil & gas industry

Reach your target audience where they are, with the information they want, when they want it

The nations largest oil and gas organizations are doing just that, through our premier platform BRANDAMP.

BRANDAMP lets you to be the editor of your own brand.  Tell your story and share insights in your own words, elevating your brand to the center of the conversation.  Then using our trusted multi-channel platform to amplify your message to reach your qualified target audience.

​Digital Channels

Reach your target audience wherever & whenever they search for content.


​Use our Oil & Gas specific email list to to amplify your message.

​Live Events

​Promote your brand at live events. EnerCom ​hosts 4 conferences a year.




​Page Views

​Unique targeted traffic across all of our websites

Email Lists


​Industry Specific

Our lists have been built from 23+ years of energy industry conferences

Social Media


8 Social Profiles

With yearly growth of over 110%, your message gets social sharing

MAKE Connection's Through Content

Brand content is just as relevant, engaging and informative as other kinds of content. Publish it—with transparent labeling—to the same streams as Oil & Gas 360 trusted editorial content.  

Audiences engage with relevant content, whether it’s video, text, animations or illustrations, or all of the above. Better still, solid content produces firm results and allows your company to utilize trusted inbound marketing techniques. Best of all, content can reach your sales targets in whatever format or form of media they want – and choose – to consume.

Engaging qualified operators, investors, analysts, board members, C-suite executives and other professionals working with the global oil and gas industry, requires multiple touch points – and the BRANDAMP platform can help you seamlessly amplify your visibility across all our channels. You can use content marketing strategies to help establish thought leadership positions, or to engage new prospects for varied business reasons, from business development to recruitment and investor relations.


Recycle and Reuse: Re-purposing Your Printed Material for Use on the Web

​Chances are, you have a lot of business-related print material on hand. You and your peers spend countless hours and money preparing presentations, proposals, technical papers, flyers, brochures, videos, and other materials to support your sales efforts. If so, you may be looking at a treasure trove you can re-purpose to help you meet your needs for content. And even better, reusing print content is an efficient and cost-effective way to help you meet your digital content needs.​

Why not extract maximum value from those investments?  Your content can be sliced ‘n diced and served up to our audience – your prospects - in compelling ways on our websites, in our e-newsletters as well as in our digital magazine, via social media, or even in our live conferences. Our audiences are hungry for useful and insightful content.

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The BRANDAMP Platform

  • Connect through content
  • Be your own editor
  • Tell your stories
  • Reach your target audience
  • Share your knowledge
  • Be a thought leader
  • ​Amplify your visibility

BrandAMP Partner Perks

Publishing access to OAG360

​Mobile, social and search discovery

​Access to content creators

​Content strategy

​Ongoing team support

​Monthly reporting

What is BRANDAMP Content Marketing?

This multi-platform marketing service, unique in the oil & gas industry, allows companies to tell their own story, in their own words, while reaching their targeted audiences across all our trusted media platforms.

The BRANDAMP platform enables you to create and place relevant content online, mobile, via social media and at live events. 

From your authored editorial content to search engine marketing services and boosted social media posts,

the EnerCom team can ensure your BRANDAMP campaign reaches thousands of oil and gas industry professionals. 

Your content appears within the web sites, e-newsletters, our digital magazine and email alerts from our proven and trusted media sites: EnerCom Inc., Oil & Gas 360, Oilfield Tech & Innovation Conference, EnerCom Dallas and The Oil and Gas Conference, the most well attended Oil & Gas Investor conferences in the North America.


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