Stage Completions set a new single-entry point fracturing record in the Eagle Ford Basin, South Texas


Figure 2. The Bowhead Technology features a constant ID throughout the wellbore
reducing the required horsepower for the operation.

An operator in the Eagle Ford Basin completed an extended reach well with 116 Bowhead II collet activated cementable sliding sleeves. During the deployment and installation of the 15,000 psi (103 MPa) Stage Completions system, the operator was able to gain efficiencies by pre-bucking the Bowhead II valves to the casing joints allowing for a safer handling of equipment on the rig floor, a significantly reduced installation time and much tighter fracture stage spacing thanks to the shorter overall length of the Stage Completions’ hardware. The fracturing operation launched on April 24, 2017 stimulating 117 intervals with the Bowhead Technology in a record time of 160 hours and accurately placing 11.6 million lbs (5,800 tons) of sand and 361,000 bbl (57,394 m3) of fluid at a maximum sand concentration of 4.7 ppg (563 kg/m3) and 42 bbl/min (5 m3/min) average rate breaking the previous record number of stages in a single well.

The success of the operation is a result of the simplicity of the technology, running a dissolvable ball on a collet that activates the sliding sleeves and eliminates the need of employing coiled tubing or wireline.

Stage Completions
Stage Completions
Stage Completions is driving the oil and gas industry forward with our disruptive technology for downhole single-point entry fracturing. Founded in 2014, our proprietary technology has quickly challenged industry standards with record-breaking completions times.

Today, we offer two products, the SC Bowhead and SC Bowhead II. The Bowhead Technology provides single-point entry fracturing capability to operators, increasing expected ultimate recovery (“EUR“) and providing continuous operations with deployment under pressure capability. The Bowhead II, launched in 2016, runs a dissolvable ball on a collet that activates cementable sliding sleeves. It features a constant ID throughout the wellbore allowing for longer laterals, tighter spacing, higher pump rates and higher sand concentrations.
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