Earnings season is here. Is your IR team ready? 

On Feb. 28, 2019, AlphaSense CMO Kate Thunnissen and Head of Product: Search & AI Chris Ackerson sat down to discuss the state of AI, and how augmented intelligence is transforming workflows for IR professionals. If you missed the live webinar, don’t worry -- check out some highlights below:

Kate: AI is the hot topic everyone wants to talk about. But I’m not sure we all know exactly what it is. Can you give us a baseline?

Chris: The term “AI” has been used since the earliest days of computing to represent attempts to make computing systems feel “smarter” or more “human-like.” Now, and really for the last decade or so, there’s been important technology breakthroughs that have reignited interest in the technology. For AlphaSense, AI simply means that our ability to understand language gets better with the more data our platform consumes.

Kate: Can you tell us more about what NLP, or ‘Natural Language Processing’ is?

Chris: NLP is the branch of computer science that enables computers to understand the variance and nuance of human language. And machine learning is the branch of computer science that enables computers to learn from data. So those two fields form the basis of AlphaSense AI.

Kate: Who are some of the big players in AI innovation today?

Chris: The major breakthroughs in AI research are coming out of academia and the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and IBM. But a lot of the most interesting applications of AI are coming from startups. But one of the easiest ways for companies to get exposure to AI is to look for SaaS startups offering tools powered by AI. At AlphaSense, we aggregate text documents from thousands of sources like company filings, call transcripts, investor presentations, sell-side research, news, etc. On top of all that content, we’ve built an intelligent search layer that makes key insights really easy and quick to discover.

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