C-MOR Energy Services  has launched two new products including its patent-pending rig mounted lighting system called "The Crown Jewel," and its "Tower of Light" System, which provides light from the ground.

"The Crown Jewel," weighing under 800 pounds, is the lightest, brightest rig mounted site lighting system that exists. Unlike most pad site lighting requiring diesel fuel, C-MOR's lighting system runs off the rig's power source and only requires a 240V breaker with as little as a 30-amp draw. This allows significant economic savings and an overall lower carbon footprint. The customization, engineering and flexibility of design allow for use on virtually all oilfield derricks and eliminate the need for conventional light towers.

Our lighting engineers carefully studied rig designs to precisely angle each LED in directions which limit shading, shadowing and slows light dissipation. In doing this our system achieves maximum light extension over 150 yards in all directions from the base of the rig. This lighting significantly limits any dark areas which have been known to cause accidents such as slips and trips.

C-MOR's patent-pending Crown Jewel Lights rig mounted system is a customizable pole mounted assembly which attaches directly to the handrails of the rig crown via secured brackets and backup safety cables. The system can be installed without the use of heavy equipment, supports or cables due to its straightforward design, making it simpler and more cost-effective than similar systems.

"The Tower of Light System" is a dual powered pad lighting product that can be plugged in or powered by a diesel generator with an auxiliary fuel tank for up to 36 hours of continuous use. It features a proprietary mast guidance system, which provides increased stability during high winds. The manual winch raises and lowers the 6-LED light tower in a controlled manner to any height up to the 32' maximum elevation point. Just two of these systems replace the need for up to 12 standard halogen light towers, making it substantially less expensive and brighter than the current alternatives. These systems are environmentally friendly as they require less fuel, generators, and resources to keep the job site safe, cost efficient and productive.   

We have already received feedback from every operator using our systems that the job site is safer, more productive, and less costly compared to solutions previously available in the market. Demand has been most significant for the Tower Light System on frac sites where 12 to 15 halogen light towers are often used.

Our proprietary, 5- year warrantied LED lights and structures were developed with safety as the primary concern and with the operators in mind. Moving forward, we look forward to safety and productivity increasing on more job sites thanks to these two systems. Already we have had multiple successful installations and orders from operators ranging in size from small-cap companies up to industry majors throughout Alaska, Canada, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wyoming.

The Crown Jewel and Tower of Light Systems are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our partners currently using them in the field, and even from those operating nearby who can see just how bright the systems are on the job site. The demand for our Crown Jewel has been so significant that we are taking orders three months out. Not only are onsite drilling engineers requesting our lights, but their back-office executives have been calling us due to the cost savings and increase in safety associated with them.

For more information contact:

Josh Haaland
Vice President
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C-MOR Energy is a full-service equipment rental and service company doing business in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We recognize that every piece of equipment on a drilling rig has to be safe and cannot be a distraction from the drilling process.
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