Behind the booming growth in shale production is a conflict felt by every E&P company; extracting more oil and gas from each well is no longer enough as the market demands that production gains be tied to a lower cost per barrel. Industry wide, trend behavior has driven proppant volumes, smaller proppant mesh sizes, larger volumes of pumped fluids, and ultimately greater demands on already constrained pumping service companies.

Yet what if existing technology could break producers free from those resource constraints? What if proppant transport technology could turn the “conventional” approach to unconventionals on its head? 

Propel SSP® is a proppant transport technology that solves the decades-old challenge of evenly distributing proppant throughout the length of created hydraulic fractures. With Propel SSP,  any proppant mesh size can improve effective propped area and stimulated reservoir volume (SRV), and propped fracture half-length, even while reducing proppant volumes per well. With Propel SSP, operators have discovered the first step in comprehensive completions optimization from surface to toe.

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