Drillinginfo Special Report: U.S. Energy Capital Markets In Review

Midstream markets are issuing more bonds and banks are generating more in fees. Open this report to find out how many new private equity commitments there were during the quarter.

Capitalize is an essential tool for both bankers and borrowers seeking transparency in the capital-intensive oil & gas markets. Save time and gain clarity on capital market activity, and turn information into new business opportunities!

Driilinginfo U.S. Capital Markets Review

Report Highlights:

  • ​$26 billion raised in bond & equity during 2Q18 in 52 industry wide issuances compared with $29 billion raised in 55 deals in 2Q17
  • $4.2 billion in equity (industry wide) raised in 18 offerings compared to $7.6 billion in 22 offerings in 2Q17
  • Bankers generated - $110 million in fees form 2Q18 equity sales
  • Capitalize reported 33 (new) private equity commitments across all sectors during the quarter. 13  reported commitments totaled $1.9 billion
  • $22 billion of bonds across 34 deals compared to $21.1 billion in 33 deals in 2Q17
  • Midstream issued $12.5 billion in bonds during the same quarter compared to $8.9 billion in 2Q17. Integrated oil and gas firms issued $1.45 billion in 2Q18.

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