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A recent whitepaper authored by Charles McConnell with the Center for Carbon Management in Energy at the University of Houston, in collaboration with the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute, focused on the new technologies required for an energy transition, none more critical than the broad commercial deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS. The ability to decarbonize the existing energy value chains in the oil and gas, petrochemical and electric power industries is essential both to immediately impact emissions and to create a commercially sound pathway to a sustainable energy future.

BrandAMP: Whitepaper – Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage – Lynchpin for the Energy Transition- oil and gas 360

The University of Houston’s Center for Carbon Management in Energy has developed an analysis and created an investment thesis to illustrate what steps will be required in order for the Greater Houston, TX region to expand the use of CCUS, building upon existing resources and dramatically lowering emissions from power plants, refining and other manufacturing operations while developing low-carbon products to meet demand over the coming decades. The model is the Center for Carbon Management’s effort to build in capital and operations costs and necessary expansions and to drive out the business returns that the marketplace should expect with the scenarios of assumptions and the realities of return on investment. Perhaps the most meaningful discovery was that the use of Texas’ and the Gulf Coast’s geologic storage capacity (both onshore and off shore) would allow the region to play a far more significant role in reducing emissions from industrial sources throughout the United States.

It is widely recognized – by the marketplace, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the global community – that now is a critical time to accelerate the commercialization of CCUS. That will require a market-based approach, differentiated from current projects which have relied on government funding coupled with industry cost-share. Local and national government support will continue to be necessary, but successful commercialization will require a fully functioning commercial playing field of emitters and capture facilities, pipeline operators and infrastructure development, along with the geologic field operations for long-term safe and permanent storage of CO2

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Charles McConnell with the Center for Carbon Management in Energy at the University of Houston Highlights participated on the Commercialization of Carbon Capture panel at EnerCom Dallas – The Energy Investment and ESG Conference on April 6-7. EnerCom Dallas provided institutional investors an early 2021 opportunity to meet CEOs from leading independent E&Ps, including some of the industry’s leading Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica and Canadian producers, and the oilfield service companies supporting them, and hear them discuss their ESG strategies and plans to drive development, fund operations, and return value to shareholders in 2021.

EnerCom Dallas included an in-person audience of approximately 100 attendees on Tuesday, April 6th and a full virtual day of presentations and panel discussions on Wednesday, April 7th. Presentations on both days were webcast lived and reached an audience of over 1,000 virtual attendees over the two-day event and included a global audience of attendees.

Replays of all the presentations and panels are available online on the EnerCom Dallas website and can be accessed by clicking the link below

The Oil and Gas Industry: Growing Commitments to Financial and ESG Stewardship: Highlights and Presentations from EnerCom Dallas: The Energy Investment & ESG Conference on April 6-7- oil and gas 360


The lineup of companies at EnerCom Dallas: The Energy Investment and ESG Conference were:

Netherland, Sewell & Associates


Devon Energy

Riley Exploration Permian, Inc.

Mobius Risk Group

TRP Energy

Roger Read, Senior Energy Analyst at Wells Fargo

Suzanne Ogle, President & CEO of Southern Gas Association

Bryan Hassler, Chairman of UP Energy and Vice President – Origination and Strategic Planning at Cima Energy

There was something for everyone:

We heard directly from SASB, Haynes and Boone, The Environmental Partnership, Enverus, Bloomberg, The University of Houston, and EnerCom on ESG topics.

Capital Markets leaders with Stephens, XRI and Saltstone Capital Management shared how capital is looking at sustainability and energy markets.

Leading publicly traded companies like Range Resources, Northern Oil and Gas, NuVista Energy, HighPeak Energy, Goodrich Petroleum, PetroTal and Lonestar Resources.

Perspectives from leading private operators like Great Western Petroleum and Caerus Oil and Gas.

Technologies that are going to enhance ESG strategies and shape the energy transition with companies like Aureus Energy Services, Pioneer Energy, Project Canary, Onboard Dynamics, Milestone Environmental, Cowboy Clean Fuels, US Strategic Minerals/Calcium Carbonate and Enchanted Rock.

Upcoming 2021 Conferences:

The Oil & Gas Conference in Denver on August 15-18, 2021

EnerCom also hosted The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by Colorado School of Mines and EnerCom February 10th-11th, 2021 featuring emerging companies with technology solutions for a cleaner energy industry and energy transition. Replay of these presentations are available on EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360 news platform at www.oilandgas360.com/een/tevis_replays/.

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