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Democratic Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a rally Friday, Jan. 10, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Bloomberg privately funds attorneys in state AG offices while running for president

Lowell Sun Oil and Gas Publishers Note: There are two legal systems in the United States. Democrat – and then everyone else. Jessica Towhey published a good article covering the billionaire Michael Bloomerg imposing his will on the US citizens. Where is the outrage from the media? We all need to vote, or our country will be lost.  Michael Bloomberg’s billions aren’t just buying ads. In at least two Super Tuesday states, his money funds private lawyers working inside attorneys general offices, advancing his political agenda on the environment. One Democrat AG compares accepting this private funding from a political candidate with federal funding from “President Trump’s” Department of Justice. Bloomberg Philanthropies gave $6 million in 2017 to create the New York University School of Law’s Environment and Energy State Impact Center to provide lawyers to state attorneys general whose sole focus would be on environmental and climate change lawsuits and[Read More…]

1982 the oil-drilling rig Ocean Ranger capsized and sank in a storm off Newfoundland. All 84 people aboard were lost

On This Day: Ocean Ranger capsized and sank in a storm off Newfoundland-U.S. figure skating team killed in plane crash

Oil & Gas 360 Publishers Note: It is good to take a moment and look at our history so that we can learn, and pray for those adversely affected.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old leader of a global protest against inaction on climate change, marched at a rally in New York City Friday. Around the world, millions of other people joined her.
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Politicized, ignorant energy analysis infiltrates some surprising media channels – unchecked it will wipe us all out before climate change has a chance

BOE Report Oil & Gas 360 Publishers Note – Terry Etam makes some great points about our industry. We need to stand up and quit being politically correct when talking to people that have just gotten out of their parents basement (or still there). His bottom line is dead on right: “Silence is not really an option anymore; energy policies based on ignorance and wishful thinking have the potential to do more damage than another ten metres of sea level.” Oh no, I can feel it, another diatribe coming on. Like a developing migraine, there’s no point fighting it, the looming inevitability.  My trigger is inadvertently stumbling on blistering displays of energy ignorance, which set me off, and out comes the Incredible Hulk. Look, I don’t want to go there either. I’d rather write about secure and reliable energy supplies, birds chirping, sunshine and koala bears. I keep my nose[Read More…]

On the Nature and Character of the Widespread Oil Production Shortfalls Reported by the Wall Street Journal

On the Nature and Character of the Widespread Oil Production Shortfalls Reported by the Wall Street Journal

By Scott Lapierre, Petrophysicist/Reservoir Characterization Director/founder Shale Specialists LLC –Edited for Oil and Gas 360 Introduction On January 2, 2019, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published Fracking’s Secret Problem—Oil Wells Aren’t Producing as Much as Forecast[1] ; the first in a series of articles[2,3,4] critical of the Great American Oil Shale Revolution. The authors employed a third-party energy consulting firm to re-forecast “16,000 wells operated by 29 of the biggest producers in oil basins in Texas and North Dakota”, and then compared the updated forecasts to original corporate projections originally published to justify drilling campaigns and lure in investors. The WSJ authors claim that “two-thirds of projections made by the fracking companies between 2014 and 2017 in America’s four hottest drilling regions appear to have been overly optimistic”[1]. The authors further singled out Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) and Parsley Energy (PE) as the WSJ’s newly generated projections pointed to 25%[Read More…]

I Hope America Wakes Up

I Hope America Wakes Up

A letter to the editor, responding to:  “We’re Still Importing Crude Oil from OPEC. Why?”  Dear Editor: You are spot on with this commentary.  It is tragic that so many Americans have come to take inexpensive, efficient O&G energy so for granted that they hype and pump every alternative with subsidies while demonizing O&G.  But don’t dare disrupt their privileged lives with a supply disruption or rolling brownout.  Too bad they are not the ones subscribing to and getting educated by your work. The current oil price regime caused by savage Bedouin tent economic theory is mind-numbing and beyond logic.  Equally illogical is that the current administration is doing nothing in response or to help support the U.S. O&G industry so critical to the domestic and world economy – perhaps in deluded hopes of crushing fossil fuels.  If they understood what a shock to the fragile economy it would be[Read More…]