Petroleum, NatGas, Coal & Nuclear Delivered 89% of U.S. Energy in 2014

U.S. Energy Use: in its September release of the second Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR), AN ASSESSMENT OF ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES, the U.S. Department of Energy delivers 505 pages of research findings and itemizes where the federal government sees opportunities existing for new research to develop energy technologies.

Oil & Gas 360 Chart of the Week U.S. Energy Use
“The overall flow of energy through the U.S. energy system is illustrated in [the image]. It also illustrates energy losses (rejected energy) that result from the fact that energy conversion processes are never 100% efficient,” according to the QTR.

The chart, which was prepared by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, allows a quick energy ranking by fuel type (numbers rounded):

  1. Petroleum – 35%
  2. Natural gas – 28%
  3. Coal – 18%
  4. Nuclear – 8%
  5. Biomass – 5%
  6. Hydroelectric – 2%
  7. Wind – 2%
  8. Solar – 0.5%
  9. Geothermal – 0.2%

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