From Energetic City

CAMERON PARISH, L.A. — American LNG export company Cheniere Energy said Wednesday that it’s in talks with a number of Montney gas producers to secure supply deals for its Gulf Coast LNG facilities.

According to an article by Upstream Online, Cheniere’s CCO Anatol Feygin did not disclose how many producers his company is speaking with. Feygin did however say that the company is in talks with “many players.”

In March, Cheniere entered into a supply deal with an unnamed Montney producer, which the company’s Vice President of Gas Supply Corey Grindal said was “100% to do with” delays in getting LNG facilities built on the B.C. Coast.

Feygin said today that in order for producers in Western Canada to get their gas to the West Coast for export, a $7 billion pipeline would have to be built. “It’s going to be nightmarish for them to build, and fantastically expensive,” Feygin told reporters at the CWC LNG Americas conference in Houston.

“I guarantee you I can land that AECO gas in the Gulf Coast cheaper than they can move that AECO gas to the West Coast … Once you get past a certain amount, and new infrastructure is built, it gets a little fuzzier. But today, no question.”


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