Oil & Gas 360 Publishers Note: This is wild politics at it’s finest. Let’s see if Putin follows China and acknowledges today.

Singapore, 13 November (Argus) — China has finally congratulated Joe Biden on winning the US presidential elections, setting the scene for a further worsening of relations with outgoing president Donald Trump.

The Chinese foreign ministry today congratulated Biden and vice-president elect Kamala Harris and said it would “respect the choice of the American people”.

United States and China enter a new cold war: Kemp- oil and gas 360

Source: Reuters

The comments come 10 days after the elections and almost a week after Biden was declared the victor, a result which Trump is contesting. Most other major governments have already acknowledged Biden’s victory and many US allies — including China’s regional rivals Japan, South Korea and Australia — have held official calls with the president-elect.

China’s complex relations with the US under the Trump administration had led Beijing to withhold any comment on the election result, and it is unclear what prompted the timing of today’s remarks. A US government commission, the Elections Infrastructure Government Co-ordinating Council, said late yesterday that there was no evidence of any major problems with the vote, undercutting Trump’s claims of widespread fraud. But a key government body, the US General Services Administration, has stalled the transition process by not recognising Biden as the president-elect.

The Chinese government’s comments risk further inflaming relations between Beijing and Trump, who suggested during the campaign that China was hoping for a Biden win.

There are already indications that the Trump administration may intensify its hardline China policies in the run-up to the presidential transition on 20 January. Trump yesterday signed an executive order barring US investment in 31 Chinese companies, including state-controlled refiners Sinochem, ChemChina and Norinco. The order is part of a broader attempt by the Trump administration to decouple the two countries’ economies by imposing business and investment restrictions on leading Chinese companies, while fitting a pattern of seeking to ensure that Trump’s policies outlast his term.

The Chinese foreign ministry also objected to comments by US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who said in a radio interview yesterday that Taiwan “has not been a part of China”. Any moves to undermine China’s core interests will be met by a resolute counterattack, it said today.

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