With the spotlight continuing to shine on natural gas flaring and emissions, a global emissions control business is utilizing consolidation to boost its footprint. And that will benefit its Midland facility.

Cimarron Energy, which last year acquired Midland’s Hy-Bon Engineering/EDI, has acquired Aereon, which provides emissions control solutions and services globally for the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Cimarron Energy acquires Aereon - oilandgas360“Aereon started as Flare Industries in Austin in 1984 and grew a global footprint in flare technology,” said Jeff Foster, Cimarron CEO, in a phone interview. “They bought Jordan Technology and became Aereon in 2012.”

What ties together Cimarron and Aereon is their common ownership by Turnbridge Capital, he said. “It’s a global emissions control footprint. That’s where synergies come into play.”

Foster said the deal will bring to Cimarron Aereon’s full suite of flares and combustion solutions.

With the acquisition of Aereon from its Turnbridge equity partner, Foster said its Austin manufacturing work will be moved to its Hy-Bon/EDI facility in Midland to fabricate and assemble vapor recovery units. The flare equipment – both standard and custom — will be moved to Oklahoma.

“We will be located locally with our customers,” he said. “We’re looking to lower total cost of ownership for our customers through competitive products and service. We have a strong tech group.”

And through automation, he said, “we can know if that flare is operating at full capacity or efficiently. We can know in real time, and within an hour have someone respond because we have the data. Whether we’re monitoring for methane emissions or volatile organic compounds, we’re able to control the flares and vapor recovery units. We can tie into our customer’s SCADA units or the cloud if it’s a remote location.”

As the world goes through the COVID-19 pandemic, Foster said oil and gas operators and service companies alike are going to be more adaptive to technology to reduce the need “for people in trucks. This will make us more efficient as an industry. The packages put in place during this quarantine time will make us more efficient.”

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