Aug. 8 deadline looms
Ballot proposal 78 could reduce the surface area available for drilling in Colorado by 90%: COGCC report
While the economic impacts would not likely put the state into a recession, they would reduce the state’s GDP by 3.4% over a 15-year period: Univ. of Colorado study
Colorado has become a hot-spot for political issues in the oil and gas industry.

Several counties, including Fort Collins and Longmont, saw moratoriums on hydraulic fracturing struck down earlier this year, but environmental groups in the state continu...

Update on Colo. Ballot Issue 78 - Aug. 1, 2016

Coloradans for Responsible Reform, a business coalition spearheaded by the Denver Chamber of Commerce, is kicking up efforts to align with the petroleum industry against the three ballot initiatives that threaten oil and gas development.

Additionally volunteers have been circulating a petition to make it more rigorous to land a potential amendment on the Colorado ballot, requiring signatures from all counties, not just one or two.

Below is a press release announcing that Colorado Concern had joined the effort:

Colorado Concern Joins Fight to Defeat Anti-Business Ballot Initiatives

(Denver, July 28, 2016) – Colorado Concern, a prestigious alliance of more than 110 of the state's leading business executives from across Colorado, has joined Coloradans for Responsible Reform (CFRR) in opposition to ballot initiatives that would be harmful to Colorado’s economy and kill jobs for working men and women.

Colorado Concern joined CFRR to help amplify the message that the current ballot initiatives aimed at banning businesses, in particular oil and gas production, are dangerous for the economy, disastrous for the creation of good-paying jobs and will cripple Colorado’s important energy economy.

“Initiatives 63, 75 and 78 clearly threaten Colorado’s economic future and as Colorado Concern has with so many issues critical to our state, they clearly recognize the danger,” said CFRR spokesperson Michele Ames.

Initiative 63 allows each of Colorado’s cities and counties to create their own vague “air, water, land and ecological” standards for any business.

Initiative 75 creates a patchwork of inconsistent requirements by allowing cities and counties to enact their own bans on oil and gas production. Initiative 78 virtually eliminates any oil and gas development in Colorado by increasing the setback for production to 2,500 feet.

“The fact that Colorado Concern is now part of the CFRR coalition shows how dangerous these anti-business proposals are and we’re happy to welcome them to the fight. The goal is to protect Colorado’s economic future and quality of life,” Ames said.

CFRR has a 20-year history of protecting jobs and supporting economic development. The non-partisan coalition has been involved in eight issue campaigns, including the passage of Referendum C in 2005, which allowed crucial investment in infrastructure and education and the defeat of the “ugly three” initiatives in 2010, which would have crippled government at every level.

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