Colorado has rapidly tumbled down the list of being an oil and gas friendly state.

Colorado is Dead-Last in Survey of Top Spots for Oil and Gas Investments -oilandgas360

According to a recent survey of oil and gas executives released by the Fraser Institute, an independent Canadian think-tank, Texas is the most attractive location for oil and gas investment.  Alarmingly, Colorado was the least-attractive on the list, finishing a dismal 20th out of 20.

The survey ranks 20 North American locations, including 15 states and five Canadian provinces, based on policies affecting oil and gas investment. Texas ranked 1st with only 9 per cent of survey respondents cited uncertain environmental regulations as a deterrent to investing in Texas.

Coming in at 13th out of 20, Saskatchewan was ranked the highest among the Canadian provinces for energy investments, with energy-rich Alberta ranking a lowly 16th out of 20.

Senior policy analyst at the Fraser Institute, Ashley Stedman said, “Canada’s onerous and uncertain regulations, along with our dearth of pipeline capacity has created a competitiveness chasm between Canada and the United States—particularly between Alberta and Texas.”

Unfortunately, the same can be said about the difference between Texas and Colorado.  Just in the past few months, Colorado has become the epicenter for testing “onerous and uncertain regulations”.

Colorado has rapidly tumble down the list of being an oil and gas friendly state.  Colorado has a proud energy heritage but has recently transitioned into an “energy hostile” state – with the “hostilities” strongly correlated to the massive influx of newcomers to the state who have little, serious tradition, experience or understanding of energy, extraction or mineral rights.

This demographic shift has made Colorado a fertile battleground for the anti-fossil fuel and anti-capitalist coalition to focus on a strategy of using government regulation and multi-jurisdictional litigation to slow, or shutdown, oil and gas production.  This strategy should be a harbinger for the oil and gas industry.

In the near term, keep an eye on Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis – who is more far-left than he lets on – and his appointees to use the state’s regulatory agencies (like CDPHE) to continue to advance an “onerous and uncertain” energy investment atmosphere in Colorado – including efforts to halt production in the energy-rich, and cantankerous, Weld County.

And, in case you were interested, rounding out the top five most attractive locations for oil and gas investment are Oklahoma (2nd), Kansas (3rd), Wyoming (4th) and the US-Gulf of Mexico region (5th).

This post was adapted from a Nov. 14, 2019 Press Release by the Fraser Institute and edited by Dan Genovese

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