Initiative 97, which mandates a 2,500-foot setback from occupied structures, schools, homes, waterways and other ‘vulnerable’ areas, is one of the two remaining ballot initiatives with signatures still being verified

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced today that a proposed constitutional amendment that would require that property owners be compensated for any reduction in property value caused by state laws or regulations has more than the number of valid voter signatures required to make the November ballot in Colorado.

Backers of Initiative 108 submitted 209,111 signatures on Aug. 3 for the measure. Colorado law requires that ballot-measure backers turn in 98,492 valid voter signatures — 5 percent of the total of votes cast for all candidates in the last Secretary of State general election, which was in 2014.

Colorado's Proposed “Takings” Amendment, Initiative 108, Makes the November Ballot

Colorado initiative 108 changes the constitution to require compensation to property owners for takings if reduced in fair market value as a result of government law or regulation.

In 2016, Amendment 71 changed the requirements for proposed constitutional amendments in Colorado. They must pass with a 55-percent majority rather than a simple majority in November, and supporters are required to collect 2 percent of their signatures in each of the state’s 35 Senate districts.

Petition verification summary for No. 108:

Signatures received 209,111
Invalid signatures 72,082
Valid signatures 137,029

#97 inching closer to being on or off the ballot

Signatures that were turned in for Initiative 97, a proposed change to Colorado statute that increases the setback requirement for oil and gas development to 2,500 feet, are still under review. The results of the review must be announced by Sept. 5, the deadline set by the Secretary of State.

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