The third day of the 2018 EnerCom The Oil & Gas Conference brought out a range of producers and oilfield service companies, plus three panels to wrap up the day–Oil & Gas in Mexico, an International Operators panel and a Private Company panel.

Oil & Gas 360 EnerCom's 2018 The Oil & Gas Conference played to a full house.

EnerCom’s 2018 The Oil & Gas Conference played to a full house.

Encana (ticker: ECA), Nabors Industries (ticker: NBR), Felix Energy (private), Razor Energy (ticker: RZE), Unit Corp. (ticker: UNT), Jadestone Energy (ticker: JSE), Goodnight Midstream (private), Flotek Industries (ticker: FTK), and Sundance Energy Australia (ticker: SNDE) were just a few among a strong group of morning presenting companies.

A few comments from presenters

Gulf of Mexico operator Talos Energy (ticker: TALO) management said they are a “company that investment grade sellers can trust.” Talos management said they operate in the second oiliest basin in the U.S. as a result of advancements in technology. See the Talos presentation here.

Delaware Basin producer Felix Energy’s presentation was full. People were standing on the side, lining the walls. Management called their oily core “the most prolific resource in the Lower 48.” Felix Energy’s presentation is here.

Goodnight Midstream described water as “a huge growth, large-scale opportunity.” Management said produced water provides longer asset life and midstream contract profiles. Watch the Goodnight Midstream replay here.

Mid-Con Energy Partners said they were one of the last remaining upstream LP’s. The company said they are looking at a lot of assets with an eye toward optimization and waterflood potential. Mid-Con Energy Partners’ webcast is here.

At the luncheon keynote, John Howie – President of Tellurian Production Company, Tellurian’s upstream arm, took the crowd on a tour of Tellurian’s fully integrated gas business model, which includes buying and developing upstream assets, building proposed pipelines from gas sources in the Haynesville, Permian and Gulf Coast to Tellurian’s Driftwood LNG export facility, now under development in southern Louisiana.

“We’ll either acquire the molecules or drill and produce them,” up to 1.5 Bcf per day in 2022 when the Driftwood LNG plant is scheduled to be operational. Howie said repeatedly, Tellurian’s goal is to provide the lowest cost LNG in the world—“$3.00 per Mcf on the water (LNG).” Tellurian’s presentation is here.

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