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Dynamic Materials presents at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

 During Dynamic Materials’ breakout session, management was asked the following questions:

  • Given the fact that the perforating gun product is preassembled, is there a cost reduction payback?
  • What is the difference in price with the preassembled product and another gun system?
  • Can the wireline guys put together a traditional gun to the field in 5 minutes?
  • What is the ratio of guns to frac stages?
  • Would it make sense for one of the big three service companies to buy your company to get access to your product?
  • Can you talk a little bit about the trends in the chemical industry?
  • If the ethylene production facilities start getting built more rapidly, would that be a positive trend for your downstream business?
  • What does the ethylene supply and demand situation look like?
  • Is the next leg and the next addition to your holding company going to come after both of your markets rebound and your financial situation is stronger?
  • In your cost structure, does the price of explosives fluctuate a lot?
  • What operating margins do you expect for next year?
  • It seems like in mid-cycle you are doing $40-50 million EBITDA. Is this close to your mid-cycle objective?

You can listen to Dynamic Materials’ presentation by clicking here.

For the company’s second quarter results, click here.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Dynamic Materials Corporation (Ticker: BOOM) operates in two sectors: industrial infrastructure and oilfield products and services. The industrial infrastructure sector is served by DMC’s NobelClad business, the world’s largest manufacturer of explosion-welded clad metal plates, which are used to fabricate capital equipment utilized within various process industries and other industrial sectors.

The oilfield products and services sector is served by DynaEnergetics, an international developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced explosive components and systems used to perforate oil and gas wells. DynaEnergetics manufactures specialized applications that are used in seismic, perforating and well abandonment activities.

NobelClad produces high-end clad materials for a wide range of systems and technologies in upstream production including heat exchangers, upstream separators, desalters, knock-out drums, caissons, slug catchers, and line pipe. In downstream production, NobelClad materials are used in refining vessels, heat exchangers, hydrotreaters, coke drums, distillation columns, vacuum towers, topping units, and cryogenic heat exchangers.

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