Publisher's Note:  We were honored to host Chesapeake Energy CEO Nick Dell’Osso for EnerCom Dallas’ Day 1 keynote address on Wednesday April 6th. Mr. Dell’Osso provided a compelling and detailed presentation on the challenging supply-demand outlook for global energy markets. The presentation was informative and timely, given the recent surge in commodity prices, heated political rhetoric on the topic, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The presentation laid out many dynamics impacting commodity markets today. Mr. Dell’Osso’s “What are we doing?” question about the fact that portions of New England still rely on oil and imported natural gas for electricity generation hammered home the fact that energy inequality is both a domestic and international concern.  

But the speech did not contain finger-pointing. It focused on detailed quantitative data about the carbon footprint of the U.S. natural gas industry and how operators can and should continue to reduce methane emissions. Data provided from the EPA and the EIA for the U.S. natural gas market highlighted a 12% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions, despite a 93% increase in production.

We encourage you to watch his presentation in its entirety. At a time when Americans continue to hear mixed messages on U.S. fossil fuels policy from Washington D.C. amid global energy insecurity, it was encouraging to see leadership of another U.S. natural gas production bellwether join EQT Corporation’s vocal leadership and provide cogent messaging on the benefits of low-cost, responsibly produced U.S. natural gas to all regions of the U.S., as well as our partners and allies in Europe and Asia.

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