Publisher's Note: Dan Genovese with EnerCom sat down with Horizon Energy Global Corporation’s veteran executives Jonathan Rudney and Stephen Brunner to discuss Horizon Energy Global’s opportunities in the historically prolific oil and gas producing areas in the shallow water United Kingdom sector of the North Sea and California San Joaquin basin.

Horizon Energy Global Corporation is an exploration and production company with a substantial position in two recent high potential oil discoveries made by Horizon in the San Joaquin Basin of California and one large offshore exploration project in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea.

Since its inception in 2015, Horizon has strategically targeted and assembled high-quality prospects in both of its focus areas. With its California discoveries, Horizon has established cash flow and created a number of low-risk development opportunities while simultaneously developing higher-risk exploration opportunities in the UK North Sea where Horizon is well positioned to exploit world class resource potential.

Horizon’s highly experienced technical team, comprised of geological, geophysical and engineering professionals, has conducted detailed analysis utilizing cutting-edge technology, including the reprocessing and reinterpretation of all existing geological and geophysical data. In the North Sea, this analysis has confirmed a combined prospective oil and gas resource potential of over 2 billion barrels of oil, or oil and gas equivalents. In California, the technical team has identified over 30 million barrels of prospective oil resource potential.

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