“I  don't know if your keeping track of current events, but we are getting our asses kicked.

- Bill Paxton, Aliens 2

Rewind - April 2020 Energy x Tech Outlook -Crisis and opportunity  

Was on April 16th, 2020 -4:00 pm MST

We recorded live on YouTube, and are contacting the winners of the signed books from Geoffrey Cann.

"Bits, Bytes, and Barrels"

The feedback was great from the attendees and the panelists. We would like to thank everyone for stopping by the Energy X Tech Outlook Live YouTube event!  The best quote from the on-line viewer Daniel; "Everybody's hair looks great considering our circumstances. Thank you for the insight gentlemen, really great to hear".

Some key take away points listed below with the panel bios. 

We look forward to next month's Energy x Tech Outlook!

The intersection of oil and gas and tech.

  • This down turn will see some companies fail, and others come out stronger
  • This pain is going  be the catalyst for new tech developments and growth in  oilfield tech solutions.
  • Investment opportunities will be available as companies that are forced to liquidate and restructure.
  • The investment community is not going to blindly fund companies
  • ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility are being pressed to the front of investors and consumers prerequisites. 

Hosts and Panelist  

Michael Tanner

Host and Moderator

Bio: Host of Digital Closing Bell Podcast on Oil and Gas 360 and EnerCom Inc. Also working with Sandstone Capital Group heading up their energy business.

Currently working at Sandstone in their advisory and hedging business. Also working with the OpenOil Project, whose mission is to open-source the energy industry through free access to well-level production information. 

Michael's LinkedIn

Dan Genovese

Director, EnerCom 

Bio: Currently serves as Director of Energy Consulting Services at EnerCom, Inc. in Denver, CO. Serve as a key advisor to senior management of client companies in E&P, Oilfield Services, Midstream as well as capital providers, in areas of corporate strategy, investor relations and targeting, analytics, branding, media, and graphics. Prior to EnerCom, served Business Development Director for Network Global Logistics.

Dan's LinkedIn

Geoffrey Cann

Speaker, Author and Trainer

Bio:  Among the many partners at Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services firm, Geoffrey has been one of the most sought after public speakers and presenters. For the past 20 years, he has addressed audiences on topics as diverse as the impacts of the economic downturn on family businesses, the outlook for the LNG sector, and most recently the impact of digital technologies on the oil and gas industry. 

Geoffrey's LinkedIn

Michael Tsokur

Banker at WGNielsen & Co

Bio: With over 10 years’ experience in finance and strategy, Michael has helped lead early-stage and late-stage companies from idea to exit as part of the executive team. Michael has helped mentor numerous startups across the U.S., Canada & South America with a focus on emerging technologies as a mentor and through accelerators. In finance, his strengths lie in strategy, modeling, financial operations, fundraising, investor strategy, communication and board relations. 

Michael's LinkedIn

David Forsberg

Managing Partner, Ascent Energy Ventures

Bio:Investment professional focused on technology companies with digital and automation solutions for the energy industry. David has over 15 years in investment decision making roles with an expertise in energy technology, systematic investments, and financial analysis. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder. 

David's LinkedIn

Jeff Saponja

CEO HEAL Systems

Bio: As Chief Executive Officer of HEAL Systems, Jeff Saponja is an entrepreneurial leader in the oil and gas industry. It was during Jeff’s tenure at a junior private Bakken producer TriAxon Oil Corp. that his team were able to identify a major cause of horizontal artificial lift challenges. Their drive for innovation resulted in the design and development of the HEAL System™, a downhole production enhancing technology which was ultimately acquired by Schlumberger. 

Jeff's LinkedIn

If you have any questions, contact Stu Turley, Director/Publisher at Oil & Gas 360 - contact

Global economic uncertainty in combination with plummeting oil prices has created a unique landscape for leaders in Energy and Energy Technology.  Let’s come together and help make sense out of chaos by considering perspectives from a variety of experts on what this means for Energy and Energy Technology. 

  • Overall O&G/ Energy Market next 12-24 mo/s
  • How tech should navigate new landscape?
  • What does this mean for ETech startups?
  • What should startups do now?
  • Is PE money available?