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The 360 Digital Closing Bell is hosted by Michael Tanner, and is sharing the EnerCom unique insights to the energy stock market with  live casts, and podcast covering all things energy. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at closing bell for an informative and entertaining look into the energy market. 

Assisting Michael  will be , Stu Turley, Director and Publisher for OAG360® Division, and Dan Genovese, Director of EnerCom Consulting Services Division.

Our expert panel will be made up of industry professionals including;  Aaron Vandeford, President EnerCom Inc., Blanca Andrus, Chair Person, EnerCom Inc., and the rest of the knowledgeable team of 360 EEN contributors.

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Energy Expert Interviews, Industry Leadership

​The 360 Energy Expert Network content is sponsored content with experts in oil & gas, energy, finance, ESG, oil field services, technology and insights to the ever-changing energy industry.

Topics include:

+ Finance
+ Oil & Gas
+ Power
+ Solar
+ Renewable
+ World Wide Companies
+ Best Known Methods
+ Political Opinions  
+ The Green Movement​

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