Natural gas consumption up 10% year-over-year
By Richard Rostad, analyst, Oil & Gas 360

The U.S.’s demand for natural gas continues to boom, and 2018 marked an all-time high for gas consumption according to the EIA.

Overall natural gas consumption rose by 10% in 2018, averaging 82.1 Bcf/d in the year. This is the first time domestic consumption has exceeded 80 Bcf/d, another major milestone in the rise of natural gas. All sectors grew in the year, but electric power had the largest contribution to overall growth.

Gas continues to displace coal
Natural gas consumption from electric power grew by 3.8 Bcf/d to total 29.1 Bcf/d in the year, and the sector accounts for 35% of national gas demand. Natural gas remains the largest ...

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