Since its founding in 1994, EnerCom has written, designed and managed the production of more than 200 Annual Reports for public oil and gas companies, balancing cutting-edge graphic design with diligent project management – from initial concept meeting to shipping.

This year the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) has awarded its Silver Award to EnerCom for the 2015 PDC Energy (ticker: PDCE) Annual Report, and a Bronze Award for the 2015 Whiting Petroleum (ticker: WLL) Annual Report.

PDC Energy 2015 Annual Report

PDC wanted to focus its Annual Report message on three key strengths in 2015 that would take the company through 2016—its resilient asset base, experienced management teams and strong balance sheet.

To design and produce the company’s 2015 Annual Report to Shareholders, PDC engaged EnerCom Consulting. The EnerCom design team created a set of subtle thematic elements that served to highlight those strengths across the color feature section that wraps the company’s 2015 10-K.

EnerCom's 2015 Annual Report for PDC Energy won awards from LACP. PDC Energy 2015 Annual Report Cover

EnerCom’s 2015 Annual Report for PDC Energy won awards from the LACP.

Using bright metallic inks on a light gray, mountain-themed background, EnerCom’s designers created a custom illustration that carried from front cover to back cover, and employed a subtle geometric design element to pinpoint PDC’s focus on its three company pillars. The goal for the 2015 PDC Annual Report was to effectively illustrate that PDC is an enduring, steadfast company.

Reflective gold ink for PDC’s impressive 2015 operating results highlight the left margin on the inside front cover: 1.4x debt to EDITDAX in 2015, 42,100 BOEPD production, 65% year-over-year production increase in 2015, 273 million BOE year-end proved reserves and a 74% year-over-year increase in cash flow from operations. During a year when so many highly-levered energy companies struggled through bank redeterminations, asset sales, dwindling reserve bases and, for some, even bankruptcy, PDC leaned on strong performance from its strong operations teams, a powerful, focused asset base and its strong balance sheet.

PDC President and CEO Bart Brookman and PDC Chairman Jeff Swoveland said it succinctly in their letter to shareholders and tell the tale of strong management teams steering a steady operational course marked by significant growth in production and cash flow from operations during a very difficult year for the industry.

On page 4 of the color highlight section, the company outlines its asset base – its 96,000 net acres in the core Wattenberg field, representing 93% of PDC’s 2015 production and 95% of 2015’s proved reserves; and its 65,000 net acres in the Utica shale where it has begun to drill and compile technical data in testing well orientation and 10,000-foot laterals.

“The team at EnerCom did an amazing job of not only producing a terrific, high-quality end product, but made the entire process run in a smooth and timely manner,” said Kyle Sourk, Investor Relations Manager at PDC Energy. “Overall, we’re very happy with their work and are excited to work together in the future.”

Whiting Petroleum 2015 Annual Report

“Not even a blizzard [literally] can stop EnerCom,” said Erik Hagen, VP Investor Relations for Whiting Petroleum. “They produced our best annual report ever.”

The League of American Communications Professionals has awarded its Bronze Award to EnerCom for its 2015 Whiting Petroleum (ticker: WLL) Annual Report.

The 2015 Annual Report for Whiting Petroleum delivers 16 pages of full color photography, graphics and key data bound to the company’s 2015 10-K.

Whiting Petroleum Corporation 2015 Annual Report Cover

EnerCom’s Whiting Petroleum Corporation 2015 Annual Report won awards from the LACP.

“The goal with Whiting’s 2015 Annual Report was to pull through their re-branding,” said Erik Carlgren, art director at EnerCom. “ ‘Fundamentally Better’ is the company’s new brand statement. We carried that message through their website, their company presentation and then into their 2015 Annual Report.

“Whiting is an established exploration and production leader and the largest producer in the Bakken. Our strategy in coming up with the new brand message was to treat their brand as evolutionary, not revolutionary,” Carlgren said. “In their annual report you will see familiar design elements and themes that have evolved over time.”

Conference Presenters at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference®

Both PDC Energy and Whiting Petroleum will be presenting at the upcoming 2016 EnerCom conference in Denver Aug. 14-18, 2016. Register for The Oil & Gas Conference® 21 here.

Visit the EnerCom website for additional information about designing and publishing an annual report. EnerCom was recently named one of America’s best management consulting firms by Forbes Magazine.





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