Three companies in the oil and gas industry have launched new websites that were designed and built by EnerCom Inc.

EnerCom Launches 3 New Oil & Gas Industry Websites

Fracture ID is a Denver-based drilling technology developer specializing in advanced at-the-bit technologies. Its Drillbit Geomechanics™ solution gathers data on the rock while the drill bit is turning: Fracture ID needed a new, user-friendly website fast. The deadline for the new website launch was a large industry trade show two weeks away.


EnerCom Launches 3 New Oil & Gas Industry Websites

Netherland Sewell & Associates, or NSAI, is a well-known 55-year-old Dallas-based petroleum consulting firm that creates reserves reports and audits, acquisition and divestiture evaluations, simulation studies, exploration resources assessments, equity determinations, and delivers management and advisory services to oil and gas companies, banks and others: NSAI’s website needed a full update, to be mobile-friendly and focus on improved SEO (search engine optimization).


EnerCom Launches 3 New Oil & Gas Industry Websites

Crimson Resource Management is a 30-year-old California oil and natural gas company focused on the development and revitalization of over-looked and under-exploited reservoirs located in California. The company works in 23 operated legacy oilfields and produces 2,300 operated BOEPD: Crimson Resource came to EnerCom for a new brand, a new logo and website.

EnerCom’s art director, Erik Carlgren, runs multimedia advertising design, graphic design, website technologies and annual report production for EnerCom Consulting. Carlgren and his team have almost 30 years of combined design experience and have completed approximately 60 oil and gas company websites. Carlgren discussed how EnerCom combines its 100% oil and gas-centric business model with good design philosophy for website design in a story on Oil & Gas 360 called What Makes a Great Oil & Gas Website?  “An effective website comes down to three things—it must be findable, searchable and compatible,” Carlgren said.

EnerCom provides consulting and communications services to oil and gas producers, energy capital firms, and midstream and oilservice and technology providers. EnerCom’s 21st The Oil & Gas Conference® will be held in Denver August 14-18, 2016 at the Denver Downtown Westin. Conference information is available here.

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