Gradiant Energy Services tailors water solutions to basins, plays, operators

Water is a major concern throughout the oilfield. Operators are struggling with the logistics of water treatment as the need to handle water in day-to-day oilfield activities grows.

Gradiant Energy Services is a privately held company that offers several solutions geared towards bacteria treatment, re-use, disposal, and desalination of water resources.  Gradiant is a presenter at EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day on Aug. 17 in Denver.

Providing water service in areas of large demand

“Gradiant has a strong patent portfolio, with over 60 patents surrounding water technologies throughout the client’s value chain,” Danny Jimenez, Gradiant CEO told Oil & Gas 360®.

Jimenez said the industry is increasingly moving—by choice and by regulatory necessity—to a place where water is recycled, especially at a time in the industry where frac intensity is growing fast.

Longer laterals and bigger fracs drive need for water recycling and disinfection

Jimenez said the move toward longer laterals, more stages, and more fluid volume has created more demand for water recycling, as well as for water disinfection technology. Gradiant is also looking beyond near-term demand for water technology—past the demand arising from increased fracturing intensity.

Jimenez said that over the long term “the industry is going to be faced with more constraints in water disposal, and our technologies have a lot of application in that area,” Jimenez said.

All water is not the same

In talking about its treatment designs, Jimenez said that “waste-water and produced-water varies from place to place and from client to client, and has an incredible component of variability.”

“We are in a place where we can design, own and operate treatment facilities to meet a clients’ specific needs. Our technology allows us to be very flexible.”

Gradiant Energy Services – an EnerCom Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day presenter

Gradiant Energy Services is a featured innovator that is presenting its technologies at EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day Aug. 17, 2017 at the Denver Downtown Westin hotel.

EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day features large and small companies that have new technologies designed to benefit the oil and gas industry by boosting production levels; lowering finding, drilling, completion and production costs; enhancing well integrity and community relations; plus other economic improvements made possible by new technologies that are in use or in field tests in the world’s oilfields.

Who should attend Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day?

Drilling and completions engineers, VPs of drilling and development, drilling managers, geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum engineers and chief operating officers from E&P companies and oilfield service and technology firms, plus energy venture capital investors and private equity investors.

To register to attend EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day, please visit the conference website registration page.

EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech Day: All Water is Not the Same

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