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With temperatures expected to reach near-record highs again Tuesday, the state of Texas is in a power struggle.


Energy supply narrowly outpaces demand as Texans are asked to conserve power- oil and gas 360

Source: ABC 13 News

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, aka ERCOT, says not enough power is being generated to keep up with demand.

ABC13’s meteorologists are forecasting a high of 98 degrees in Houston Tuesday, and ERCOT is telling us all to conserve power at least through Friday, June 18.

Even with the state making the power grid a top priority this legislative session, we are facing the possibility of rolling blackouts once again.

The ERCOT website uses a graph to show how much power the state is expected to use, the green line, and how much power is available including reserves, the red line.

The image below shows the graph around 8 a.m. Tuesday. As you can see, the two lines are getting closer and closer together.

You can check the graph in real-time at

If demand outstrips supply, we could see blackouts.

ERCOT said the problem right now is that 11,000 megawatts of power generation are offline due to maintenance and repairs. The offline resources could power 2.2 million homes.

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