Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (Ticker: ETP) today announced its tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding common units representing limited partner interests in PennTex Midstream Partners, LP (Ticker: PTXP) not currently owned by ETP for $20.00 per common unit in cash. ETP currently owns approximately 32.4% of the outstanding PennTex common units. The tender offer will expire on June 19, 2017, unless the offer is extended in accordance with its terms.

There can be no assurance that the tender offer will be completed. The tender offer is conditioned upon, among other things, there being validly tendered and not withdrawn sufficient PennTex common units such that, following the closing of the tender offer, ETP and its affiliates own over 80% of the outstanding PennTex common units (the “minimum tender condition”), unless such condition is waived by ETP. If the minimum tender condition is waived by ETP it shall remain a non-waivable condition that a majority of the PennTex common units held by unitholders that are not affiliates of ETP are validly tendered and not withdrawn. The tender offer is also subject to other customary conditions, as specified in the offer documents. The tender offer is not subject to a financing condition. ETP expects to pay the offer consideration from cash on hand and/or borrowings under ETP’s credit facilities.

Following the purchase by ETP of PennTex common units in the tender offer that would provide ETP and its affiliates with greater than 80% of the outstanding PennTex common units, ETP will exercise its limited call right provided for in the PennTex partnership agreement, which will result in the acquisition by ETP of all outstanding PennTex common units. If the limited call right is exercised, the remaining holders of PennTex common units will receive at least the same cash price per common unit as paid in the tender offer. If ETP waives the minimum tender condition and ETP accepts for purchase PennTex common units upon completion of the offer but ETP and its affiliates do not own more than 80% of the then outstanding PennTex common units, ETP cannot exercise the limited call right provided for in the PennTex partnership agreement.

PennTex currently has 20.7 million shares outstanding. With 32.4% of the shares already owned, ETP holds approximately 6.7 million shares in PTXP. To reach the desired 80% threshold, Energy Transfer Partners will need to acquire an additional 9.9 million shares, which, at $20 per share, would equate to approximately $198 million.

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