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June 22, 2020: For Immediate Release

 Amarillo, Texas, June 22, 2020 – energynet.com – EnergyNet has announced an agreement with the South Dakota School and Public Lands (SD SPL) to host their Mineral and Surface Lease Sales online. All listings are at zero cost to SD SPL. The contract includes oil and gas as well as several other commodities.

As EnergyNet continues multi-commodity efforts, we look forward to adding South Dakota School and Public Lands (SD SPL) to our site and the mutual success our partnership brings.

EnergyNet -oilandgas360About EnergyNet

 EnergyNet offers an easy-to-use oil, gas, and other commodities auction and sealed bid transac- tion service that facilitates the sale of producing working interests (operated and non-operat- ed), overrides, royalties, mineral interests, leasehold, and other contracts. EnergyNet is a contin- uous online marketplace with due diligence and bidding available 24/7/365, where auctions and sealed bid packages close weekly. Our tech-enabled platform allows clients the flexibility and convenience of conducting their acquisition and divestment activities online.

EnergyNet clients include majors, large independents, bank trust departments, foundations, churches, universities, individuals, and government agencies. EnergyNet’s technological and marketing reach presents a multi-commodity property portfolio to thousands of qualified investors with multi-billion-dollar buying power. EnergyNet maximizes divestment returns by enabling sellers to achieve the highest prices for properties in their industry, while driving down costs.

EnergyNet has more than 20 years of experience conducting eflcient online oil, gas, and other commodity auctions. Since 2011, the Government Resources Department has successfully sold over $2.5B for 10 different government agencies.


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Gus Rivero, 1-806-463-3616

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