Enverus three main business units include data, business automation, and trading and risk. They have over 1,700 employees, 6,000 customers across 50 countries. They are the oil and gas industry's leading data, and insights company. They built their base on data, and methodology with the goal to give their customers the information and knowledge to make the best decisions for all stakeholders. 

We were able to sit down with Bernadette Johnson, Vice President -Strategic Analytics, and Aaron Vanderford, President, EnerCom. Bernadette has presented at EnerCom in the EnerCom investors conference in Denver and you can see her presentation below this interview. 

Bernadette took us through a lot of information in our interview. Sit down with a pen in hand to take notes on all of the data covered in this interview.

One of the questions in the discussion covered how the employee work situation was going at her department. As a the largest SaaS in the energy market, they are well equipped to work from home. Most of the strategic analytics team's 45 members are currently working from home. They are focused  on macro economics research and are extremely busy during this time helping their clients with getting data around the unemployment, to the world production of oil and gas. Their clients range from the mom & pop to the biggest names on Wall Street, so they have to look at data from every angle. 

The question of the day is "how committed is the OPEC, Russia and US price war"?  The longer this drags on will impact the economy in several different ways. If it is the airlines, travel or food service, they are fairly elastic and will respond favorably when travel and restrictions are lifted. 

Record number of unemployment is expected this week and will be a significant factor on some of their data models. If the price war continues the damage to the economy will go past the elastic portions and into areas that will be tougher to recover.

The bottom line: "Don't make a decision with out data, and Enverus should be part of the process.".

Thank you Bernadette for your time and market leadership. 

Bernadette Johnson, Vice President - Strategic Analytics Presentation at The Energy Conference in Denver

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