Moscow, September 16 2020 – ERIELL, the international oilfield services group, is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of its successful involvement with Arсticgas (a joint venture between NOVATEK and Gazprom Neft).

Vitaly Dokunikhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of ERIELL Group and General Director of ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVICE LLC said:

“Articgas is the company where we were among the first in Western Siberia to start drilling complex sub-horizontal wells in the Achimov deposits. During our ten years of work on the project, we have repeatedly broken records in drilling depth and well construction time. This is down to investment in technology, equipment modernization, process optimization and excellent teamwork.

ERIELL Group s -oilandgas360“Our ongoing cooperation with Arcticgas demonstrates our excellent results, is acknowledged by the best drilling contractor ratings, and gives us great experience to execute our other difficult projects.”

Despite well construction complexity increasing each year, ERIELL’s speed is increasing. Initial construction time of the first sub-horizontal wells was 80 days. This has been reduced to 35-40 days.

Success is made possible by investment in technology, equipment modernization, staff training and experience. In 2020, ERIELL has improved technological support of the drilling process and formed the Drilling Support Center (CDC) based at Novourengoy branch.

At the end of July 2020, under both a general contract and separate service agreement – over 200 wells have been drilled for Arcticgas.

The project remains one of the most difficult projects on which ERIELL operates, due to:

  • Abnormally high temperatures (110 ‘C) and reservoir pressures (62 MPa);
  • Instability of bridges between productive formations;
  • A high risk of simultaneous gas showings and losses;
  • A large depth of occurrence of productive formations Ach3, Ach4, Ach5 (3769 AO); and
  • An anomalous coefficient of 1.7

ERIELL’s involvement with Arcticgas began with construction of production wells at well pad No. 7 of the Samburgskoye oil and gas condensate field. Work is now underway at the Urengoyskoye and Yaro-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate fields on the Achimov and Valanginian deposits.

At its peak in 2013, 14 drilling rigs were used including light mobile to echelon-type rigs with carrying capacity of 650 tons. Currently, four heavy drilling rigs are employed, three ZJ-70 DBS rigs and one domestically produced Uralmash 5000/320 EK-BMC.

Selected records achieved during the last two years at the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field include:


  • A record for the liner section length was set:

–            At well U6901, a sub-horizontal liner length of 1500m was drilled into the Achimov deposits in one flight (previously no other company has achieved a similar result)

–            This was subsequently achieved while drilling liner sections in wells U2804 and U6105

  • A record for drilling the deepest well in the region was set
  • With a bottom hole depth of 5,881m and total penetration of the horizontal wellbore of 1,527m
  • Constructed 10 days ahead of schedule (planned – 60, achieved – 50)
  • Complexity index at the final bottom hole depth was 6.77
  • A record for well construction for Achimov deposits was set
  • At well U2804 the lead was 1/3 of the planned time (plan – 65 days, achieved – 43)


  • A record construction time of sub-horizontal wells in the Achimov deposits was set
  • At well U6402, with a depth of 5,576m, a sub-horizontal length of 1,589m was drilled in 40 days, 20 days ahead of schedule with an NPT of 0%
  • A rate of penetration (ROP) record was set
  • At well U6907, while drilling the liner section, ROP reached 18.25 m/h with an average rate of 16 m/h

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