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Company sets new records at its most complex projects

Moscow, August 14 2020 – ERIELL, the international oilfield services group, announces an operational update for the six months to 30 June 2020; and reports on several new records set at its most complex projects.

In the six months to 30 June, ERIELL drilled 638,911 meters and built 175 wells, including 103 wells drilled in Russia.

During this period, ERIELL achieved record times for both horizontal well construction and rates of penetration (ROP). These new records show ERIELL’s continued provision of high-quality services to customers, despite difficult geological conditions at its projects.

Vitaly Dokunikhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Eriell Group, CEO of ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVICE LLC, said:

“Our six-month performance, and the records set during the period speak volumes. We are very pleased to be weathering the Covid-19 storm, whilst also coping with the harsh environments in which we operate.

“We are constantly working to find new solutions and optimize processes. This innovative culture and excellent teamwork means we are always improving our efficiency, allowing us to achieve new records and rank at the top of our customers’ ratings.”

In the same period, ERIELL received International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) accreditation for its WellSharp (Well Control) and RigPass (Safety Culture) programs.

At the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oil and gas condensate field (customer: Messoyakhaneftegaz):

  • A record time was set for constructing a well using fishbone technology
    • The well was drilled for four runs with a construction period of 12 days, with a 0% NPT (i.e non-productive time) achieved through the use of the “Technical Limit” program.

At the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field (customer Arcticgas):

  • A record construction time of sub-horizontal wells in the Achimov deposits was set
    • At well U6402, with a depth of 5,576m, a sub-horizontal length of 1589.8m was drilled in 40 days, 20 days ahead of schedule with a NPT  of 0%
  • An ROP record was set
    • At well U6907, while drilling the liner section, ROP reached 18.25 m/h with an average rate of 16 m/h

At the Salmanovskoye (Utrennee) oil and gas condensate field (customer Arctic LNG 2):

  • A record time for construction of a sub-horizontal well was set, the first ERIELL record on this new project
    • At well 205, with a depth 4,986m, a sub-horizontal length of 1,484m was drilled in 40 days, nine days ahead of scheduled and with an NPT of 0%

At the Eva-Yakhinskoye gas condensate field (Customer NOVATEK-YURKHAROVNEFTEGAZ):

  • A record for the liner section length was set
    • At well 8102, a liner of 1,964m length was drilled and a liner of 2,169m length was successfully run

At the Harbeyskoye oil and gas condensate field (Customer NOVATEK-TARKOSALENEFTEGAZ):

  • An ROP record was set
    • At well 301106, the maximum ROP was reached while drilling the liner section (bit 155.6 mm), 49.7 m / h. with an average rate of 40-45 m3 / h.
  • A record time for horizontal well construction was also set
    • At well 301106, at a depth of 4,774m, a well was drilled with record acceleration for this field in 29.5 days, 15.5 days ahead of schedule with 0% LPT

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