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Think about being proactive on your ESG plan, rather than getting banged up for not having a plan. In today's energy market ESG is going to be one of the defining factors of companies that survive, and those that close their doors. 

Having the opportunity to sit down with Brent Buck, CEO, Ajax Analytics, and Dan Genovese, Director, EnerCom was very informative about being proactive with real time environmental impact communication. The surrounding citizens, and stakeholders,  around oil and gas locations feel good when they are informed of the environmental impact data on their neighborhoods. The Ajax equipment and installations can provide proactive, and reactive data, for companies and their impact on the surrounding environment. 

The bottom line: ESG environmental impact needs to be proactive.

Have the data, and share the data with your community. You both will sleep better at night. 

 Key Takeaways 

Proactive: Notifications with the surrounding community for the environmental impact in real time. This sense of community involvement goes a long way with complete transparency and good will. Demonstrating that the oil and gas company is monitoring and managing their impact shows the commitment to the local community.

Reactive: If there are claims being made about environmental impacts that are unfounded, the monitoring data can be provided to show the true levels of impact. Oil and gas companies can show that their policies and procedures are actually supporting their ESG plans on environmental impact.

About Ajax Analytics


Ajax Analytics is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based environmental software company driven to deliver impactful information to our clients.

We believe that unbiased, authentic and impactful environmental information can help eliminate rhetoric and encourage collaboration.  We work to earn the trust of our customers and the public every day through excellent, adaptable, and responsive solutions.

Brent Buck

President and CEO

"This monitoring provides immeasurable value to the citizens of Broomfield."

- a concerned Broomfield citizen

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