We are joined by Chris Atherton, Chief Executive Officer and President, of EnergyNet, LLC. Blanca Andrus, CFO, EnerCom, and I have the opportunity to cover a nice conversation with Chris covering the largest technology-enabled upstream oil and gas asset acquisition and divestiture platform specializing in auction sales, sealed bid transactions, and government lease sales.

The EnergyNet team is geographically diverse and are open for business with all the employees working remote. This is not a problem, as they have been digitally and have a technology  based business system for over 20 years. The perfect storm has not slowed down the team from collaborating on projects and their clients.

Chris says that EnergyNet does about $1 billion to $2 billion asset sales per year that involves 2,000 to 3,000 oil & gas transactions per year. March has been slow due to the volatile change in oil prices making the assets valuation very difficult between buyers and sellers to agree on asset value. 

Even at the $50 oil in December companies like Exxon, Chevron, BP and Conoco, were going to market with divestitures, and now those have been put on hold. With the number of bankrupt  potential for the small and medium cap companies, there will be a lot of transactions picking back up.  

Chris's knowledge of the market and current events was again validated by Enverus in their report just put out today. It is referenced below.

EnergyNet's normal business model and systems handle their 35,000 registered, qualified, buyers and sellers . Their systems are set up for the expected volumes of transactions that may be on the horizon. 


Key Takeaways:

  • In 2002 and the early years of EnergyNet they began as a fad or anomaly by selling oil and gas assets on the internet. They were shown the door quite often because they had always been sold face-to-face 
  • As a well established technology based sealed bid transaction service they were ready for the remote requirements of social distancing.
  • The looming bankruptcy and volatility in the market are indicating that there will be a large volume of transactions through the remainder of 2020  
  • The EnergyNet systems are ready for any size and the increased quantity of A&D transactions that are appearing on the horizon. 
  • Buyers that are looking for good investments are in contact with their teams letting them know they want to see listings as soon as they are available. 
  • April 2, 2020 Enverus posted:" Enverus, the leading oil & gas SaaS and data analytics company, has released its Q1 summary of M&A activity, which revealed a substantial collapse as oil prices plunged to 18-year lows. Only $770 million in U.S. upstream deals were completed during the first quarter of 2020—less than one-tenth of the ~$8 billion average for Q1 from 2010-2019. Virtually all deal activity occurred before the global COVID-19 pandemic and production hike from Saudi Arabia slammed markets in early March".
  • “Mineral and royalty interests are playing an increasing role in deal markets,” said Enverus Market Research Director John Spears. “We expect additional capital will be interested in deploying here, even in a down market. The challenge will be navigating a wide bid/ask spread between buyers and sellers with rig numbers and development plans for acreage in flux.”

About EnergyNet:

EnergyNet offers an easy-to-use oil, gas, and other commodities auction and sealed bid transaction service that facilitates the sale of producing working interests (operated and non-operated), overrides, royalties, mineral interests, leasehold, and other contracts. EnergyNet is a continuous online marketplace with due diligence and bidding available 24/7/365, where auctions and sealed bid packages close weekly. Most of the properties EnergyNet sells typically range in value from $1,000 to $250MM. EnergyNet's tech-enabled platform allows clients the flexibility and convenience of conducting their acquisition and divestment activities online.

EnergyNet clients include majors, large independents, bank trust departments, foundations, churches, universities, individuals, and government agencies. EnergyNet's technological and marketing reach presents a multi-commodity property portfolio to thousands of qualified investors with multi-billion-dollar buying power. EnergyNet maximizes divestment returns by enabling sellers to achieve the highest prices for properties in their industry, while driving down costs.

Contact information: 

Toll Free:1-877-351-4488

Fax:(806) 354-2835

Email:[email protected]

Corporate Headquarters7201 I-40 West, Suite 319Amarillo, Texas 79106(806) 351-2953

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