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As we sit down with Rob to talk about this new report from Enverus on the "unprecedented" well shut-ins, we all agree that if the word "unprecedented" could be removed from our vocabulary as it has been over used. That being said; it is about the only word that describes the disastrous trifecta of Covid-19, oil price war and the demand reduction. 

“There’s no doubt the rig count has been an important tool to measure the health of the oil and gas industry,” says Rob McBride, senior director of Strategy and Analytics at Enverus. “However, with horizontal drilling, improved efficiencies, and advanced drilling plans, we’re seeing a different story being told beneath the surface. For example, determining which wells have been shut-in and taken offline, wells that have been drilled but not completed (DUCs), and pipeline data are just a few of the factors that aren’t detected by the rig count. And you need to look at everything to capture a complete view.”

We really enjoyed our visit with Rob about the 2020 Production: Shut-ins, Ducs report. He clearly brings out the importance of relying on data to manage decisions around the oil production in 2020. 

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Robert McBride

Sr. Director Strategy and Analytics

Proven energy industry team leader, project manager, business developer. 10+ years of profitable results managing physical energy assets and building businesses. Experienced engineering and technology manager

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For the full report : 2020 Production: Shut-ins, DUCS

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