So, imagine you are a CEO of an oilfield services company and were charged with providing improved results to the stakeholders of your firm? What would be some of your first steps? What business processes would be involved, and could you implement complicated systems?

Well were able to sit down with Akash Sharma, Senior Analyst, Enverus, to cover these questions. Enverus has grown over the years to a world provider of oil & gas analytics, trading & risk, and business automation solutions. The OpenInsights platform can integrate into clients current accounting systems, and not require additional training or downtime. The operator community in the oil field services have different business issues that require automation. There is one common thread: DATA.

The successful implementation of business automation into your accounting system can provide better liquidity of cash by providing accurate invoices for goods and services the first time.

This was an insight (pun intended) to big dollar business issues, and we had a little fun on the way. Akash, thank you for stopping by and spending time with us.

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 Key Takeaways 

  • Enverus "Turn data into wisdom that you can turn into action" 
  • There is an untold amount of waste in logistics for the oilfield companies.
  • Taking advantage of the Enverus vast data repositories as a solution can in fact save money in OpEx
  • Better liquidity through providing accurate billing and improving cash flow. 

About Enverus Business Automation Network

At Enverus Business Automation, our mission is to eliminate all the paper, manual processing and data entry from the oil & gas industry so companies of all types can reduce costs and increase efficiency.  

Akash Sharma

Senior Analyst 

Akash works with multiple teams across the Enverus Product organization providing subject matter expertise on the Energy Industry for various product innovation and consulting efforts. His expertise lies in Unconventional Shale reservoirs with focus on Reservoir Engineering, Reserves Estimation, Production Analysis, Data driven modeling and Cross-Platform analytics. He has advocated for data-driven decision making and implementing transformational changes all across the energy value chain. Prior to joining Enverus in 2016, he worked as a Researcher at the University of Houston working on developing workflows for improved EUR estimation using deterministic and probabilistic methodologies and providing valuable inputs to energy investment groups and technical advisory groups alike. 

He has been published multiple times with SPE and AAPG in the past and presented at multiple industry and academic conferences. Akash holds a MS Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston and a BE in Petroleum Engineering from the UPES, India. 


Quickly Identify Where Every Dollar Is Spent With Normalized, Descriptive Spend Data

With more than 50,000 active oil and gas suppliers submitting invoices and field tickets into our network and over $190 billion in industry spend data, Enverus cracked the code on category-specific supply chain data. By analyzing millions of lines of complex, unstructured data and normalizing it through descriptive attributes, supply chain organizations can quickly analyze their own spend data at a granular level to identify where every dollar is being spent — without any tedious onboarding process or IT resources required.

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